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How To Cement Your Social Media Presence Online

How To Cement Your Social Media Presence Online.jpg
Social media networks have significantly become a part of every digital marketing strategy. Why? Because they have immense power to drive huge traffic and even conversion. But the first step is getting started and creating an influencing social media presence. If you are not a familiar name on the internet, you could become one by building a strong social media presence. And that’s not possible if you are looking for strategies. You cannot use strategies everywhere. The foundation of social media is connecting people and socialization. And, people want businesses to become a bit social, not social media to become a business.

Thus, stick to the basics and use some effective tips. Tips that can instantly provide you with results. Social media is a huge pool of opportunities where you cannot focus on one thing. There are hundreds of things which you can handle using following tips. First, give them a try and see if the results are considerable.

Tips to Build a Strong Social Media Presence
First Thing First:

The very first step is completing your profile on every social media network that you are on. Make sure that anyone who is looking for you, is getting to you.

Completing social media profile not only means filling out the details. Pay attention to every detail, phrase, keyword or words that your audience may use to find you.

Be Visually Appealing:

A visual element counts as the first thing on social media that people notice. So, make sure you have everything striking, your profile picture, avatar, cover photo, etc.

Sit with your designer and tell him to make a profile picture that is high resolution, properly sized and resonates with your brand accurately.

Take Help:

You surely need some help if you’re starting from the scratch. Spreading the word can’t be done easily or it isn’t a one-person job. Added to this, your employees, co-workers should be aware of your new social media effort. They can follow your accounts on social media networks to give you a temporary boost.

In fact, one needs at least 30 Facebook fans to even see insights. Additionally, they can spread the word to their friends, clients and customers.

Imagine Your Audience:

It’s fine if you are starting from the scratch and don’t have much followers or fans. But you can imagine your audience. Who wants you? Why do they need you? What do they read? All these questions can instantly give you an insight about your audience, most digital marketing professional call it “persona development“. Hence, keep your audience and these questions before doing anything on social media.

Keep Eyes on Your Competitors:

Since you know your audience, next obstacle is your competitors. There is nothing wrong in implementing your competitor’s strategy if they are effective. A competitive analysis is also a beneficial thing to do. This saves time and, yes, everything is fair. Analyze what’s working for them and what’s not. Further, implement working strategies and examine if they are as effective as they were for your competitor.

Keep Reserve of Shareable Content:

This is the best bet you can use to reach a larger audience. You need to have some content that people want to share. Each share of your post means expansion of your social media presence and introduction to a new and large audience. You may be tempted to create such posts on your own, but it’s okay until you are sharing worthy content. You can share important news, informative photos and videos, funny videos, interactive and engaging content, etc.

Smart Giveaways or Contests:

Running contests or giveaways are some of the finest tactics to become famous or at least seen to the masses in a jiffy. Many have started using this tactic which has, in fact, provided them with overwhelming results.

If you are new, looking to make some place, do run contests. People tend to spend little more time than usual on contests and giveaways expecting something good to win. Thus, brainstorm and form some creative and new contests. Surely, this will attract a lot of people.

Cross Promotion:

Now that you have gained a considerable number of followers and fans, it’s the time for cross promotion. For instance, if you just have started to build an Instagram account and already have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, tell about this to your followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook that you are on Instagram as well, and for a different purpose. There should be some significant difference between the content on these social media channels.

Voice Matters:

A voice or tone of a content is what people resonate with. Social Media is all about being witty, informative and interactive. So, even if you are in a niche where being witty isn’t a considerable thing, you can try this on your social media networks. It won’t affect the image of your company. Instead, it can bring a lot of people to your business. 9GaG is an existing example of this, they make people smile and they do only that. And that’s what social media is about, connecting people. Thus, it’s up to you, how do you want your content and other elements to be connected with your audience. But remember to maintain a tone of your organization. This is a link between your organization and your audience.

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Content Marketing Channels – Oodles Marketing

Content Marketing.jpg
Content creation and publishing is just the half job done. Further, to excel in Content Marketing, you need to optimize content as per the channels being used for content dissemination. In addition, when done with the content creation part, next obstacle is finding more efficient content marketing channels to diffuse content to larger audiences. It is always beneficial to promote your content on maximum numbers of content marketing channels. It helps you in increasing your site’s visibility among the masses.

Here are a few potential Content Marketing Channels:

YouTube experiences around 1 million unique visitors every month. It is the only platform where approximately 6 billion hours of video each month. Astonishingly, every minute, 100 hours of video is available on YouTube that spans 16 languages and 56 countries.

  • It has more than 102 million blogs.
  • Around 44.6 billion posts.
  • Amassing 29.2 million unique visitors along with 6.6 billion page views.
Guest Blogging:

Guest Bloggers spread your content in their groups if the content is worth sharing. Indeed, it provides with increased exposure, more eyeballs, improved credibility, and increased traffic to your website.


As per the reports, mobiles’ share around 25% of all the internet traffic and it’s still growing rapidly.

Email Campaigns:

Email Campaigns are effective when looking to increase one way targeted engagement with your users. You can deliver other content forms like blog lists, ebooks, video content and reports with email marketing or campaigning.

Why Choose Oodles Marketing?

We are on a path to become an eminent agency providing efficient Content Marketing Services. Additionally, we are here with an objective to become one of the leading SEO and Content Masters in this digital space. Other than that, a skilled in-house team working with us have enough marketing experience to pull off any project related to Digital Marketing .


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Best SMO Techniques For Increased Audience Reach

SMO Techniques.jpg
Social Media Optimization(SMO) holds good for every digital marketer. SMO is one of the several practices that has a large audience reach and helps fetch right customers for your business. In the era of Social Networks, the majority of the users make use of these sites to connect with people on the web. This has significant advantages for organizations that look to come up with a brand and grow their business online through SMO techniques.


SMO being a most effective means of online marketing has a high potential in terms of customer base, creating brand awareness, and receiving high CTR. Having said that, marketing agencies and social media experts go behind numerous SMO practices to achieve their marketing goals. However, not all those practices seem to do well and a number of SMO experts fail to deliver the anticipated results.


The first and most important aspect of Social Media Optimization is socialize yourself among people and brands. Take some time to communicate with the users on the social media platform. As a marketing executive, Networking always starts with reaching out to other people and trying to build a good relationship.


In the majority of the posts that you see online is multimedia rich. Through a number of Social Media tools, one can come up with so many graphic-based contents to connect to your audience. Images and Videos make your content stand out and make it feel more interesting for others who visit your profile.


One of the effective techniques to increase social media traffic is to use all the social media buttons on your site on every page which is informative. These help users instantly share an article to their social account thereby increasing the site reach.

Site Content:

Content is not only about the existing blogs or articles, but you also need to regularly update it. Fresh content holds good for search engines as well as the audience. And from the social media aspect, it’s even very crucial. Social media posts disappear in few hours or get archived. So, it’s essential to keep your users posted every now and then.

Keyword Optimization:

Research for keywords that are applicable to your business and services and target them through your social profiles in a natural way.

Complete Profile:

A profile with complete and detailed information is always preferred in social searches and makes your profile look even more professional. So, take some time to thoroughly review and update your information.

Study Visitor Behavior:

Visitors behavior may help you plan and strategize your social media posts. Through a proper study of the user behavior and their response, you can enhance your reach and engagement. To do so, use a social media analytics tool and pay attention to what people are doing.

Share Everything:

Create a unique, useful and interesting post that encourage your visitors. A good way to go is to work on something that is useful for people of every segment. Avoid things that are complicated for people to comprehend.

Timing is Important:

Timing has a significant importance while publishing your social media posts. While few people are active on social media during the day, others might prefer late night surfing. Going through the analytics tool, you can come up with appropriate timing for sharing your content.

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Customer Engagement Strategies To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

Customer Engagement Strategies

Besides the physical world, a digital world resides which is an Always-On world. This creates a need for brands to be on toes for customers 24×7. This creates the need for them to anticipate and meet customers needs in real time. And, in this continuous juggle, marketers sometimes merge marketing and customer service expecting great results. In fact, you cannot enhance or uplift your brand or product’s customer engagement by mending marketing techniques into it. Here, you need some result-driven and proven customer engagement strategies.


Using such strategies can ensure that your brand is humanizing, as well as, responsive. Responsive in the sense that even after buying the product, the brand is always there to help with queries and suggestions. Added, humanizing means being witty and interactive with your customers through social media activity or by other means.

However, there are ways to deal with customer engagement, not everyone can pull this off. Although, using following customer engagement strategies can pave the way for a strong social media presence and increased customer engagement

Customer Engagement Strategies to Implement in 2017.
Prioritize Customer Experience:

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, tells that be obsessed with your customers. It is one of the prime keys to start with.

Providing your customers with excellent customer experience is a must for marketers and business owners to increase brand satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

In fact, a study by White House Office of Consumer Affairs tells that around 80% of U.S consumers tend to pay more for a product or service to get a superior customer experience.

In order to increase customer experience, you need to outline some vital questions. How can you best serve your customers with your services? When do your customers look for you? For many hours you need to be available for them?

For instance, online food ordering services are fantastic at providing customer service around the clock. Moreover, they are stellar with relevant, timely offers and in engaging you with interesting fun food facts through their email or Twitter channels.

Listen to the People:

To get something useful for your brand and differentiate it from others by using social media is to listen to the customer complaints and really respond to them.

It connects people with your brand. They feel that they are being heard. After a negative feedback by a customer, you can immediately turn to them and reply with possible solutions or can apologize. This interaction in the comment box sections comes in feed, later, which can be seen by many. This evokes an interest of the people and they think that you care.

Indeed, try to be consistent with this approach and you can get rewards in terms of their loyalty and trust.

For instance, a renowned toothpaste brand made an ad which was quite pathetic. On social media, people started roasting the ad. This was a setback for the company, but they were successful in managing the situation professionally. They were upfront in replying back to the comments applogizing for the ad. This was a nice step to tell people that we are listening to you and we always look for your better experience.

Create Compelling Content:

Creating content to educate and inform was a previously underused customer engagement strategy. Significantly, the scenario has shifted a bit. Now content is in use for enhancing the customer experience and increasing satisfaction as well.

Content is available in various forms like videos, ebooks, infographics, etc. Many businesses are using videos as promotional videos, DIY videos, informative and interactive videos related to their brand or products. Coupled together, this forms as a great customer engagement strategy which contains the potential to attract millions.

Putting the Human Factor:

At the core of everything, it is vital to understand that customers always want to feel that you understand what they need and that they can resonate with your brand.

Here, you need to find a personality within your company who is a natural communicator and passionate about your brand. Make that personality a thought leader who can humanize your brand’s voice and engage with consumers with the same approach. Moreover, they can blog on your site as well as guest blog on others, can come in use in video content, engage in speaking opportunities, publish whitepapers and ebooks and more- all possible ways to create your brand’s voice.

In Summary:

In this robust competition of this online space, everyday something another becomes vital and necessary. But Customer Engagement is one thing that is continuous for one’s business growth. Considerably, it is an aspect that no business can afford to overlook if looking for established name in the digital world as well as in the physical world. The aforementioned Customer Engagement Strategies are proven and being used aggressively even by the big names. Thus, start making use of these and increase customer engagement for increased sales and business growth.

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A Contrast Between Online Reputation Marketing (ORM) And SEO

It may seem like Online Reputation Marketing (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the same thing, but they’re actually distinctive online marketing practices that happen to have a few similarities. If you want your online business or website to succeed and discover what your niche markets are, it’s highly important to master the basic principles of both online marketing methods.


The Basic Principles of ORM vs. SEO

Digital marketing and advertising yourself online takes a great deal of intellect, web-based resources, and stamina to conquer. Not only do you need to know how to obtain and maintain the proper online marketing tools at your fingertips, but you also need to learn how to use them effectively. That’s how a strong combination of reputation management and SEO strategies can vastly improve your search engine rankings.

Online Reputation Marketing:

ORM is a much broader method of online marketing than SEO as it improves more than just search rankings. The goal of Online Reputation Marketing is to either recover a company or individual’s online reputation. Or, help them develop a strong one through various marketing tactics. The tactic is to create more positive content with the intent of letting the good content overpower any negative feedback. Essentially, this good content pushes the negative content to the 2nd or 3rd page of SERPs where it’s a lot harder to find.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimizaton is a lot more precise than Online Reputation Marketing. The main objective is to starkly push a company’s web site to the first page of Google’s rankings. This is to establish higher visibility to customers. The type of content on the web site being promoted doesn’t effect the rankings of the site as long as specific relevant keywords and phrases are implemented throughout the web site.

How Online Reputation Marketing Utilizes SEO Techniques

By now, it should be easy to see that ORM and SEO aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. The two go hand-in-hand and Online Reputation Marketing actually makes good use of SEO techniques. This happens in the sense that the end goal is practically the same. Both the methods generate more interest, a higher customer base, and a greater ROI for the business or individual in question. ORM companies will use whatever means necessary to create better search results for their clients. They also use various SEO techniques such as positive keywords and relevant article topics for getting good results all around.

Determining Whether Your Company Needs ORM or SEO:

The answer is simple: you need both. In some cases, high ranking SEO results can be a by-product of really good Online Reputation Marketing. For people to be able to see all of the good aspects of your company online, they need to be able to actually see your company. Hence, even good ORM work would be moot if you don’t have the SEO-powered online visibility.

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4 Reasons Why Your Website Suffers High Bounce Rate

High Bounce Rate.jpg
Bounce Rate is one of the main dimensions used to measure a website’s traffic. While popular websites with significantly high traffic can have as good as 30% of bounce rate, however, any site with an average of 60-70% bounce rate falls under the good category. Google Analytics, a widely used site performance analysis tool lets you study your visitor’s behaviour.


Said that, let me walk you through some of the probable reasons why websites actually suffer high bounce rate. But before we dig in further

What is Bounce Rate ?

A bounce is basically a session when a visitor accesses one of the pages of your site.  A bounce is calculated for a single session such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then leaves without going through other pages of your site.

Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by the total number of sessions. For an example, if the number of single-page sessions on your site is 3450 and total number of page hits is 4500 then your bounce rate is [3450/4500]*100=76.66%.

More often people often complicate it with the average session time which has nothing to do with the bounce rate.

A website with low bounce rate is the need of every digital marketers and online businesses to increase the CTR and for so many reasons. So, let’s explore some of the most probable reasons why some sites are penalized with high bounce rate.

#1 Slow Loading Time: More than 4 Seconds

Any website over 2 seconds of load time is a slow loading site. No visitor would spend time seeing those loader transitions. It is one of the main reasons which results in considerably high bounce rate. Your website might load slow because of any one of these reasons.

  • Choosing cheap hosting services
  • Using oversized images
  • Use of too many images that distracts users from the subject
  • Custom fonts that often takes longer time to load
  • Sliders and Carousels and other Java scripts.
#2 Seeking Way too Much Personal Information

As a useful marketing strategy, it is an useful approach to ask visitors for their basic information However, digital marketing companies and services use long stretched out forms to let visitors access your site.

This is not a commendable approach and users get annoyed with those forms and thus switch to other websites. Instead offer them some free stuff like a free ebook or ask them just for their name and email id.

#3 Poor Landing Page Design

A poor landing page design often distracts your site visitors and reduces the  time a person is willing to spend on that page looking for the information.

Every user likes attractive page designs and such design forms seeks  viewers’ attention. Factfully, web pages with bad design or outdated designs are often overlooked and end up resulting in high bounce rates.

Although good design won’t ensure high CTRs but I can say that poor designs will definitely lower your conversion rates below your potential.

#4 Using low Quality Content on your Website

Needless to say, content is the building block of a website and when it is a business driven site, the importance even shoots up. Deceiving users with intrusive ads, unrelated content and poor grammars and spelling counts to low quality content.

This can really harm your website, branding and marketing goals. To stay in the competition, one needs to make pace with the industry needs and fulfilling user requirements. If you are worth it, users will definitely reach to you. However, these bad practices do more harm than good.


As a digital marketer, I feel that bounce rate is something that determines the quality of a site and its content. Among the too many reasons that may add to high bounce rate, one needs to focus on maintaining a quality site with more and more useful content and performing your site checkups on regular interval.

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How Retargeting Can Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

How Retargeting Can Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?.jpg
In the era of Ecommerce, online marketing is not so linear. Taking into the consideration a large number of competing e commerce sites users are not consistent. For an instance, a customer visits an ecommerce site searching for a pair of shoes. But he suddenly got engaged into some other activities forgetting those good looking shoes he was scrolling on. And during his next  he might land to some different site. Here comes retargeting into the play.


So as a digital marketer, one needs to be well prepared to assist buyers throughout this convoluted process. The best way attract your users in this regard is retargeting ads.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting aims to convert frequent visitors into buyers. In general, 2% of buyers convert when they visit an online store. It helps bring back the rest of the 98%. It works by studying the user behavior and their interests when they visit a site and then displaying the targeted ads to as they visit other sites or look for similar products.

Types of Retargeting

There are two main types of retargeting:

  • Pixel-based
  • List-based

The way these two work is a bit different, and can have significant advantages depending on your campaign objectives.

Pixel-Based Targeting

This targeting technique involves re-displaying your ads to an anonymous website visitor.

Pixel-based retargeting is probably the most common targeting technique. When a user visits a website, an unnoticeable JavaScript (known as a pixel) is placed within the browser thus by making the  browser “cookied.”

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As a result, when the user leaves the site or look for other similar products,, that cookie connects with the targeting platforms to display specific ads as per the user’s behavior and interest.

List-Based Retargeting

List-based retargeting is useful when you already have users’ information in your own database.

While some of the digital marketing companies prefer to buy the targeting information, but you can also use your existing contact list for certain types of targeted ads.

For list-based targeting, you need to upload a list consisting of email addresses for a retargeting campaign on a social networks viz. Facebook and Twitter. The platform then identifies users on that social media network based on the addresses and serve those ads only to them.

However, this is not a very usual targeting technique and is comparatively less common than the pixel-based retargeting. But to let you know, list-based technique enjoys highly customizable criteria for your ad campaigns and considers more than the behavior.

The Bottom Line

In the digital marketing era, retargeting has come up as a boon for the online marketers. From the e-commerce sites to the web techies, it has truly helped organizations and big brands achieve their marketing goals. While pixel-based targeting targets users based on the users’ interests and behaviour, list-based targeting can filter users based on the actual needs.

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What Makes You A Smart Digital Marketer?

What Makes You A Smart Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term. It comprises of a number of relevant practices that when carried out properly and strategized, yields better marketing results. From SEO to Social Media Marketing, everything revolves around calling for customers and audience. Intrinsically, as a digital marketer, one needs to keep him posted with up to date marketing trends and resources.Become a Smart Digital Marketer Using These TacticsNever Ending Online Research:

The web is full of useful as well as deceiving information. As a digital marketer, you need to be a comprehending researcher to iron out the most productive one among them. You need not be following the accustomed approaches. Instead, planning out some striking strategy would help.

For a digital marketing professional, you need to keep yourself informed with Search Engine Updates, any changes taking place in and around the world that would somehow affect your site.

For an instance, our researchers have found that there was a significant decline in the website traffic received from US and UK during the Christmas days. Thus, as an online marketing specialist, you need to find an alternative to promote your site during the time offs.

Plan your Marketing Strategy:

For every organization, marketing goals vary and so does marketing strategy. While, some companies prefer brand awareness as their prime goal lead generation could be the focus for others. Correspondingly, every marketer should make a strategy as per their audience or customers.

Budgeting and Financial modelling skills:

Talking about the roles of the digital marketer, right from making a successful purchase funnel to the event marketing, they require a strong budget and financial modelling skills to get better ROI.

In fact, every spending made should boost the ROI and from a pay per click to the Google Ads, one needs to be a well-versed with managing financial assets to deliver best of the marketing results.

Community Management:

Community management refers to managing all the social communities to make them grow organically. Significantly, the technique involves listening to your customers, assisting them adding a bit of sale in between.

With community management roles, you need to be geared up with a helping hand and respond to the customers regardless of their impudent behavior. As a community manager, your role includes:

  • Empathy
  • Customer advocacy
  • Diplomacy or wit
  • An understanding of the brand — from brand message to brand style
  • guidelines.
  • Great communication skills and writing skills


Copywriting is all about having a strong creative skills of composing your own text in an appealing manner that hits the minds of the users. Although a number of people possess those skills, a digital marketer with enhanced copywriting skills is the bare minimum. Several skills you will need to become a skillful copywriter are:

  • Ability to craft strong calls to actions that compel users to act
  • Impeccable spelling and Grammar
  • Ability to create briefs and precise content

Content Marketing:

As a digital marketer, Content marketing is the key skill one needs to have. To create an integrated content-led campaigns, one needs to possess strong content marketing skills and a planned approach to developing an integrated content marketing strategy to engage your audience and support business goals.

The Bottom Line:

As a matter of fact, Digital Marketing incorporates boundless techniques and creative measures to help organizations grow over the digital platform. Being a digital marketer, one needs to be well-versed with cutting-edge technologies and put on the table the mix of creativity and business-driven approach.

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Social Media Optimization Services – Oodles Marketing

Untitled design.jpg
Social Media refers to a web 2.0 development. It’s formed keeping the concept of user-driven, interactive web in mind. Initially, blogs, chat rooms and message boards used to be known as social media. But in the recent years, social media has become more powerful than ever. Now it is strongly identified because of the sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and so on. It possesses an immense power to influence the masses. Thus, we use it as a service to harness its hidden capabilities.


Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is an effective strategy to increase the awareness of your brand, product or event using social media networks and communities. It includes using RSS feeds, bookmarking sites and social news along with social media, video and blogging sites.


We use the best and latest practices to optimize your social presence. Our team works in a way to make you more visible, informative and engaging using the best social media optimization techniques.

Social Media Reputation Management

Social media reputation management is a strategy of shaping the public’s perception of a brand, person or organization by affecting the entity’s online information.


Here, at Oodles Marketing, we keep monitoring the opinions across various platforms to make sure that our clients become aware of what’s shaping in the social world.


In this digital sphere, it’s quite easy to lose years of your hard-earned reputation within hours. Thus, we take prompt, creative and intelligent steps at the right time to make your brand safe and even more reputable.

Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis is the first step in order to launch your business in the social world. This analysis includes understanding subtle distinctions of the social media platforms to the dynamics of your business’ niche.


Our expert Social Media Analysts are well-equipped with the latest instruments & know-hows of the best social media strategies for you.

Social Media Analytics

It’s worthless if you cannot measure the success of your social media campaign. To make a social media campaign successful, using social media analytics is as important as any other strategy of marketing.


We make sure that your social media marketing campaigns deliver up to their capabilities. We analyze the related factors for their future use. These factors include audience size, content analysis, sentiment analysis, community responsiveness, traffic, reach, engagement and audience profile. After analyzing these factors, we make future preparations to prevent any failures regarding your social media campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

Get The Elevated Engagement Rates

  • Whether it’s about boosting traffic or improving engagement rates on social media channels, Oodles Marketing’s social media marketing services are a perfect option for every demand.

Get Perfectly Fitting Solutions

  • We offer the best customized social media solutions by assessing your brand, reputation in the market along with a deep emphasis on your client base.

Get Worthy And Entertaining Content

  • Social media is one of the prime match points between your brand and the customers. We make use of this match point effectively by offering informative and entertaining content to your readers.

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