An effective Facebook Remarketing Campaign gives you the ability to track a certain audience via specific web page visits or web page actions. In result, you get an opportunity to accurately advertise to a certain audience.

Suppose, some visitors are frequently visiting on your service or pricing page, you can advertise about pricing or services specifically to those visitors. This becomes helpful because according to studies, generally, visitors become buyers after 2 or 3 visits.

Basically, it’s like you are travelling to somewhere and when you open the web, you find relevant ads such as hotel bookings, cab booking, food and much more.  

However, if you have ever come across such relevant ads that you see again and again are a part of a Facebook Remarketing Campaign. And there is no need to tell why is it so important for businesses to get align with Facebook Remarketing.

Now let’s move to the creation part. It has now become extremely simple to create a Facebook Remarketing Campaign. But we will focus on some untouched factors today. These factors are vital when looking for better results.

Getting Started with a Facebook Remarketing Campaign

The first step is to log into your Facebook Ads Manager account and select the dropdown, “Tools” and then select “Audiences.” Now choose “Create Audience” and “Custom Audience.”

Now you need to choose from the three options to create a remarketing list; Customer List, Website Traffic and App Activity. That’s it.

When you are done with this part, you can run your remarketing campaign. But, this competition to stay ahead in this digital space asks for extra efforts.

Thus, here are the four best practices related to a Facebook Marketing Campaign. These Fours are sure shot ways to get positive results. On the other hand, you can make your marketing campaign more effective than your competitors by using these practices.

Best Practices
1) Purchase Followers Using Remarketing Lists

Buying followers using remarketing lists is beneficial when you are looking to grow page likes and followers. Because it is vital to have a big number of followers, but earning them organically is a bit tedious task. It takes a lot of time to do that.

Luckily, Facebook has this option of paid campaign, especially to gain followers. Because if you have loyal followers then engagement rate would be also high. Further, this will lead you to high a relevance score, cheaper click rates, and hence, more organic reach.

Alike Google AdWords’ Quality Score, Facebook also has a metric called Relevance Score. This dictates that how often your ads are shown to the audience and how much you need to pay.

To influence this metric, the best way is to increase engagement rates. And engagement rate will be likely higher if you are showing ads to a right audience or your brand loyalists.

2) Make Use of Custom Audiences with Facebook’s Targeting Options

If you are aware of your target audience, you shouldn’t have much problem in finding them. From targeting wedding dresses to various buyer personas, it easy to reach with Facebook Remarketing.

It is always beneficial to combine your remarketing audience with demographic targeting. This hones in on the ready-to-buy audience and most in-market.

Mainly, it’s all about finding a balance between budget and audience size. However, experimenting with layering such targeting options on your custom audiences likely increases relevancy. Furthermore, allocates your budget to audiences that are more likely to convert.

3) Be Strategic While Setting Time Frames & Creating Ad Schedules

It is important to make effective use of buying cycles or limited special offers. If you are a business that offers holiday gifts, it is necessary that you schedule them accordingly.

While offering some limited offers, aggressively run that ad campaign at the same time, without any frequency caps. Moreover, you can change schedules to keep your ads fresh.

Other than that, for instance, if you are a SaaS company, finds higher conversion volume and traffic Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 6 A.M., then create your ads schedule accordingly.

4) Lookalike Audiences onto Custom Audiences

Creating lookalike audience allows cloning an audience that is nearly same to your custom audience. Actually, this is an incredible way to find an untapped audience and expand your reach.

By creating lookalike audiences onto your custom audience, Facebook easily finds leads similar in makeup and that are likely to engage in your offerings or products.

Learn How to Manage a Facebook Marketing Campaign

There are numerous benefits of creating a Facebook Remarketing Campaign. However, to ensure that you get such benefits, you need to use aforementioned practices. These practices if used effectively can result in huge benefits like increased engagement, cheaper click rates, more sales & leads and much more.

Creating a remarketing campaign is just only an entry pass in this cut-throat competition. To lead here, one needs to stand out from the crowd by putting some extra effort. This extra effort can be utilized by using above Facebook Remarketing Campaign practices.

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