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Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the name given to a concept or process. It endeavours to improve search engine rankings. In SERP (Search Engine Result Page), Google mostly delivers links to the pages of high authority and relevancy. The authority factor while ranking pages is mainly measured by examining the quality and the number of links from various web pages. In simple words, your web pages get the potential to rank in Google or other search engines as long as different quality web pages link to them.

The next step to rank your web pages or website results on SERP is to create a rich quality content. Rich Content encourages people to link to your web pages. This signals Google that your pages are authoritative and interest evoking. Eventually, this all leads to search engine success because Google wants to display authoritative and interesting pages in its search results.

Major search engines prefer to promote authority pages on top of their rankings. So, it’s your task to create pages that have great, informative content within them. Then they can become authority pages.

Developing compelling content involves writing content that people find useful. Further, if your content is useful enough then it’s ready for sharing in blogs, twitter feed, etc. Over the time Google comprehends these authority signals which help your web pages to rank.

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