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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become necessary for businesses in the online world. Because of SEO, your business-specific results rank higher on SERP. However, every business doesn’t understand SEO but want to gain popularity on the internet. In such cases, taking help of
Professional SEO services can ensure success. Using such services can instantly uplift and expand your business online.

The main concern is to hire the best SEO services company that is credible and offers genuine services.

Why the Best SEO Services Company?
Constrained SEO knowledge:

SEO is the area in digital marketing where you will need to constantly evolve with the latest updates and guidelines of it. Most digital marketing firms think they know how to handle SEO and promise things that they shouldn’t. They make offers that they will help you rank a number of keywords within a given timeline. That’s unperceivable. In fact, a good SEO firm doesn’t make such promises. Ranking keywords on SERP is an uncertain and untimely process. It takes a lot of effort and some high quality content.

Time Insufficiency:

This is another reason that can encourage you to hire an eminent SEO company. SEO is not a ‘Once and for all’ process, alike ranking keywords, it’s a continuous and time taking process. And it makes sense as well to hire the best SEO services company when you have little time to give on it. Outsourcing your SEO needs can save you a lot of time and you can manage other tasks efficiently too.

Why Choose Oodles Marketing?

Oodles Marketing is gradually approaching to a stronger place in the digital world by offering excellent digital marketing services. We have entered in this niche with an objective that’s to lead. Besides, our team of digital marketing experts possesses a great understanding of various critical terms and aspects of Digital marketing.

Have queries or suggestions related to Digital Marketing, reach out to us!

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Dominating Social Media Trends To Look For In 2018

Social Media Trends 2018The end of the year 2017 is quickly approaching to an end and 2018 is just a few months away. It’s significant that this year social media has become more prominent for every type of business in the digital space. Even in digital marketing, social media is now one of the most important channels for digital marketers. However, as the year is about to end, social media trends are also changing.

Alike search engine marketing, it has become a constantly changing landscape. Hence, it is the time to start laying out your social media marketing strategies for the approaching year. In order to that, you need to outline the latest social media trends beforehand. If you know the trends of social media that are going to lead in the coming year, you can stay ahead of the curve.

Here are four social media trends that will influence your business in 2018
Master the Chatbots:

If you have no idea about chatbots, you need to learn about how this disruptive technology can greatly benefit your social media marketing. Customer service has seen a transition from phone calls and emails to social media. Now, consumers look for instant replies to their queries and concerns, and turn to social media if they want to interact with brands or companies.

It has become important for businesses to reply as early as its possible and satisfy the desire for instant gratification. Chatbots is the technology that allows you to interact with consumers instantly. This is why the Facebook bots are becoming increasingly popular. Setting up Chatbots is quite simple and you can do it for free.

It will be entirely mobile-focused:

Instagram and Snapchat are mainly mobile-focused social media platforms. However, Instagram is accessible via desktops, very few users use it on desktop. Facebook generates around 84% of its advertising revenue from mobile. This makes it clear that the majority of users on social media are on their phones.

You can understand the importance of being mobile-friendly with that fact that Facebook was originally created for desktop use. This later evolved to become extremely mobile-friendly. They even have launched Facebook Lite for the mobile users who still don’t have access to the fast internet in their region. This social media trend of mobile use dominating social media is going to increase. Thus, be prepared for this.

Don’t discard platforms having similar similarities:

You must know that Facebook and Instagram copied Snapchat. They all have quite similar features, but it doesn’t make them all same. As an overview, these social media platforms might seem similar enough that you may think to eliminate one from the mix. You should not do this as each platform has different audience and different reach abilities.

Snapchat is a popular platform among the youth demographic. Instagram counts as the millennials social network of choice. And Facebook is the platform the older demographic is happy with, and now it has added a ‘Stories’ feature as well. Significantly, these platforms have similar features but they have different audiences to target. Hence, you cannot afford to miss on any of these channels.

Videos will rule:

Everyone knows how video content is in the trend. Facebook’s video ads feature is attracting more engagement. This is resulting in more organic exposure for businesses.

Snapchat is a heavily video-content based platform, as is Instagram. Both these platforms signify how the video content is dominating social media platform.

In Summary:

If businesses can quickly learn how to convey their stories through video content will experience immense social media success in 2017.

Brands and entrepreneurs have already started to get involved with these influential social media trends as these platforms are becoming influencer-friendly. This will contribute to introducing businesses to a much larger audience.

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5 Reasons Why Startups Need A Professional Digital Marketing Agency


The internet is full of enterprises trying to sell their products and services. And the clutter has left no space for new businesses to be visible to their potential customers. Startups generally find it difficult to make their presence noticed. They promote their business using conventional mediums or try to be their own digital marketers. To be effective in the digital space they must show belief in a professional digital marketing agency. Because only a digital marketing agency knows how to command web traffic and create brand hype by taming search engines, social media, and forums.

Following are five reasons why your new business may need services of a professional digital marketing agency:
Beat the cut throat competition easily:

Startups need to understand the fact that beating giants like Amazon and Flipkart will require billions of dollars. Thus, they should begin with beating their next door competitors by taking help of innovative digital marketing strategies. A professional digital marketing agency will imply strategies that will pave the way for your business in the digital space. Content marketing services,social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc. are some of the arrays of digital marketing that an agency uses to make your business visible to the masses.

Search engine ranking:

A professional digital marketing agency can help your business-related results rule on the first few pages of prominent search engines like Google and Yahoo. This is one of the most important steps in order to get a great start. Mastering the search engine rankings can bring huge success to your business that no other form can do. Professional digital marketing agencies like Oodles Marketing work really hard to help businesses obtain the best of rankings and online reputation.

Modified packages:

When you hire a freelance search engine optimizer or digital marketer, he may charge you less, but a professional agency will offer you customized packages as per your needs. With the customized packages you can achieve amazing results without spending a fortune.

Digital marketing agencies always stay updated about the latest trends and algorithm. Hence, it becomes easy to acquire results that can astonish your competitors. In addition to this, you can expect results that can effectively make your business.

Automated growth:

The professional digital marketing agency serving you through packages will put the business growth in an automatic mode. They don’t worry about the income flow every month as most freelancers do. They mainly try to ensure that the company grows on its own after a certain period of time. Such agencies will be catering to various enterprises at the same time they will be for you, but they won’t let any eruption to happen with your business growth or vice-versa.

In Summary:

There are numerous reputed digital marketing companies in India helping every type of businesses to build a brand for themselves. However, it’s important for businesses to hire a digital marketing agency that understands the objectives and can designs campaigns to meet these objectives at affordable costs.

Social Media Analytics Strategy For Creating The Best Content

Social-Media-Analytics-Strategy (1).jpg
Social Media contains a huge pool of invaluable data for digital marketers. This social media data comprises of the information that is being collected from various social media networks. In addition, it tells how your audiences engage, view and share content. Further, by tracking and analyzing these metrics, you can create a successful
content marketing strategy. And to track and analyze these potential metrics, you need a Social Media Analytics Strategy.

A social media analytics strategy means using some efficient social media analytics tactics and preparing a strategy by compiling them to uplift the level of engagement through content.

The collected social data help marketers to recognize result-driven and high-performing content based on trends on various platforms, audience and the success of a brand or product’s social media presence.  

Thus, we have outlined a Social Media Analytics Strategy. It includes tactics and tools that provide you with the immense help in creating compelling content along with shaping your digital marketing strategy.

Creating a Social Media Analytics Strategy
Distinguish and Track KPIs:

The first step is to figure out your social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) before starting with a social media analysis of your brand or product.

After clearing this first objective, selecting the right tools is the next crucial step. You need some excellent tools to collect and examine data efficiently.

Distinguishing and prioritizing KPIs enables you to leverage data for measuring and optimizing social media posting.

There are a few tactics you need to consider while forming an effective social media analytics strategy.

Aim content based on interests and trends- Social media analytics provide marketers with vital insights into what products, content and advertising are creating the most buzz.

Aim content based on Platforms- Popular platforms now offer some excellent tools to enable marketers to analyze and track data. Additionally, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and Google Analytics are some of the best platform tools available for social media analysis.

Optimize content and marketing- The data collected from social media engagement, loyalty programs and post-performance contains potential to influence your content and marketing.

Outline your status quo- Sometimes a brand needs a new image for the market, define your status quo. For instance, when Starbucks’ reputation was at an all-time low, they use one tool, social media.They launched “My Starbucks Idea” for crowdsourcing feedback and re-engaging customers.

Pay heed to your target audience- Begin with a simple Google search on your brand or product. Use analytics tools within social media networks and do some secondary research, such as the Nielsen, Pew Research Internet Project or Edison Research, to recognize trends creating buzz on social media.

Social Media Analytics Tools

Crowdbooster- Provides you with real-time Facebook and Twitter analytics. Allows customization of data ranges, shows highest engagement messages and identifies prime social media advocates.

Actionly- You get social media monitoring, workflow models for social media engagement and social integration with Google Analytics.

Consumer Barometer- Offers sneak peak into how consumers use online and offline information sources while making a purchase.

True Social Metrics- Get the information regarding the four of the best social media metrics; conversion rate, applause rate, amplification rate and economic value

Talkwalker- It covers the geographic spread, time and language & media. It has a global coverage spanning 247 countries and 187 languages. Besides, track brand mentions and gives a full coverage of prime social media networks and 150 million websites. It has clients like Volkswagen, Microsoft, Best Western, Greenpeace, Ogilvy and Peppercomm.

Social Report- It’s an automation and social media analytics tools. It allows social media insights, posts scheduling, syndicating replies, likes, follow/unfollow, etc. Thus, it counts as an efficient tool that single-handedly manages all your social media needs. You can track cross-channel engagement, world reach, audience growth rate, channel activity and demographics. It has some high flying customers which include Warner Bros, The Economist, HGTV and Samsung.

Over to You:

These aforementioned tactics and tools can help you in gaining data intelligence on data coming from all directions. Compile that data and start creating some compelling content accordingly. However, you need to choose the most suited tactics and tool for your business.

You can make a good social media analytics strategy with the help of these above strategies and tools. Further, use them efficiently and experience a huge business growth yourself.

Do let us know in the comment box if you find this article helpful.

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Content As A Service Is The Next Advancement For Marketing

Content has now become one of the most important marketing channels for any business in this digital space. As per the data reported by CMI, around 88% of B2B marketers generate at least one piece of content a day. If businesses want to continue to offer their customers and prospects with interactive and engaging content, through the right channel at the proper time, they should embrace content as a service (CaaS).

Content as a service

Meet Content as a Service:

While businesses struggle to handle all of the content required to attract and convert customers, there are some content marketing agencies who offer content as a service. It makes easier for businesses to manage and repurpose content.

Organizations like Prismic or Contentful are two of the empowering marketers that manipulate and share content from a centralized location.

It means that you can format content so that it looks great on any given content marketing channel. Making it simpler for offering an omnichannel experience to customer and prospects.

Living in an Omnichannel World:

According to the research conducted by Cybra, it could cost in 10% of revenue lost if businesses don’t embrace the omnichannel approach.

For a brand to stay relevant, business owners must embrace an omnichannel approach when interacting and engaging with prospects and customers. Content as a service becomes vital when brands want to maintain a consistent message across different devices.


Prospects and customers have begun to expect personalized experiences. As per the report by Janrain, 74% of users in the digital world get annoyed when presented with irrelevant things. In fact, users reward brands and products that can successfully personalize content. Forrester finds that 77% customers tend to pay more when brand consistently make personalized purchasing approach.

Content as a service has the ability to help businesses do personalization better. Caas platforms coupled with tools like Optimizely, or those offered by marketing automation platforms, can help businesses create tailored customer journeys without having the need to create an endless supply of engaging content.

Utilizing content on different channels:

How can a similar piece of content perform on different channels? And does that piece of content resonate with your target audience?

One version of that content could be hosted on a blog content management service, another version of it could live in an email template.  With CaaS (Content as a Service) platforms, it becomes easier for content creators to comprehend how their content is performing.

In Summary:

The way we consume content is changing swiftly. As consumers, we now prefer personalized content such as provided by Netflix over cable. We want instant, relevant content experiences. And we have very little patience on brands that fall short of these expectations.

Easiest Tips To Create An Influential Social Media Presence

Creating a strong social media presence isn’t just about setting up social media accounts for your business on all the major social media channels. Many businesses post content regularly and manage time to interact with customers. They use social media as a platform to share information about your products or services. But that’s now how you create a strong social media presence for your brand.

tips to create a strong social media presence

Social Media Marketing is the opportunity for your customers to interact with your brand. In addition to this, through that interaction, you can easily build long-term relationships with them. And substantially, increase their opinion about your brand.

Here are four easiest ways to boost your social media presence:
1) Listen To Your Customer

Social media offers you an open-ended platform to effectively communicate and engage with your customers. Take some time to understand your audience on social media and address your customers’ needs. This will not only help you understand your customers more thoroughly, but it also helps you build a loyal customer base.

2) Make Goals

The first step in order to create a strong social media presence is to prepare a strong social media strategy aligning with your goals. There is no need to jump into social media just because everyone is doing that and if you don’t have a specific reason and goals to accomplish. Make a plan on how social media can help you with customer retention, brand awareness, sales and lead generation, then take the required actions.

3) Use Automation Tools For A Social Media Strategy

There are a number of automation tools and resources available to help business owners build a firing social media presence. Business owners can take out some time in the beginning of the month and schedule social media posts for the entire month. They can use excellent automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. Not only that, they can even outsource this complete process to a freelancer (through Upwork) or a social media agency.

4) Make A Content Calendar:

Many businesses haven’t understood the real potentials of social media. They don’t seem warmed up with the idea of social media being a standalone service for digital marketing. It requires more than posting here and there to have an active and loyal audience. Now, it has become necessary to have a comprehensive social media calendar that maps out which content to post when and on how many channels.

5) Don’t Try To Leverage All Niches

Small business owners can have the most success from social media if they have clear objectives for their target audience. Being all things to all people on all available channels is almost impossible. Narrow down on topics that can be discussed and shared.  This creates a path that on which to follow and which your audience can follow.

6) Follow leaders

It’s a simple strategy to create strong social media presence. Start following other influencers and leaders in your industry. On the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can get one potential benefit by just following other renowned persons in the industry; business leaders can learn about vital aspects by observing how others are leveraging social media. Following successful people on social media will provide you with numerous idea. This inspiration will develop the will in you to invest more time.These tips are surefire ways to get the most out of your social-media channels and build an influential social media presence for your brand.

Promote Your Business With A Convincing Social Media Marketing Plan

We should refer social media as the most powerful tool in our marketing arsenal. If used correctly, it can help businesses develop a strong personal connection with their prospective customers. However, businesses dive into social media without having a strong social media marketing plan.
An influential Social media marketing plan

They think that they can make use of social media by attempting a few tricks and tips. But that’s not the case. In fact, it’s just a waste of time. And at worst, it could even lead to a PR disaster.

To get benefits from social media, we need to have a precise and clear social media marketing plan. A plan that takes into account what we want to achieve, who are our customers and what the competitors are doing.

Forming a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan
Understand the Goals:

To start off, first, we need to define targets that we want to achieve with social media. We need to find the purpose of putting our efforts into social media marketing. It could be creating awareness of the brand, increasing sales, or website traffic.

Having clear goals can make it easy for us to reach targets that we have planned. So, take some time and jot down them.

Write down the goals that we need to achieve with a social media marketing plan. This will direct us on a right way. We will be able to get more out of social media if we have things planned accordingly.

Create Easy and Achievable Objectives:

It’s the second phase in order to create an effective social media marketing plan. We have our goals outlined, now we need to focus on easy and measurable objectives.

For example, a B2B marketer looking for increasing sales, he may want to generate an additional 100 online leads/month. On the other hand, if his goal is brand awareness, then he might want to increase the mentions of his brand or product on social media. In both cases, the objectives are significantly aligning to the goals.

After setting achievable objectives, we need to make sure that we can measure them.

For that, find tools to track and analyze each objective to easily quantify the progress. Not only will this let us know when we have arrived, it will also help us to spot problems beforehand.

Characterize the Customers:

A sturdy social media marketing plan is all about finding the right audience and targeting them with the right messages. For this, we need to first find our target audience. For example, it makes no sense to target everyone in the 18 to 40 age group. Rather it’s beneficial if we are more specific.

The best way to target the right audience is to create buyer personas. Sit down and outline a detailed profile of ideal customers. We can make use of social media analytics for this as well. Uncountable marketers are using social media analytics to get accurate information about their prospects.

The Comparison can be a Key to Success:

When it comes to social media, the comparison is a key to success. Performing a competitive analysis over competitors can tell us a lot about what’s working and what’s not. We can learn from their social media successes and failures. To research over competitors, it’s vital to start by picking three or four among the toppers.

Find out which social media networks they’re active on. Study their content. Is it funny or serious or both? Do they post about their products, or about other things? In fact, there are tools available that can help make this competitive analysis easy.

Find the Right Channels:

It should be notable that we cannot not make use of all available social media channels. Not all social media platforms are the same. In fact, we need to choose the relevant ones.

For example, LinkedIn can prove to be a great platform if we are looking to target B2B sales. While Pinterest or Instagram may be a better option if you’re in the fashion business.


Start gradually and plan step-by-step to form a result-oriented social media marketing plan. In this article, it’s significant that we need to start from the scratch. However, it’s not necessary for the business getting considerable recognition on social media. They can use the steps that needs to be implemented.

How To Determine The Best SEO Services Company

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which mainly aims at improving the web traffic to your website. It improves its visibility in online forums and doubles the business opportunity. You may think to assign an SEO services company for your SEO tasks. But to choose the best SEO company is one tedious and extremely important task.

best ways to find an SEO services company

To determine the best SEO services company, you need to keep following aspects in mind:
Decide what you Need?

The first step is to decide the services you need from an SEO services company. There are numerous types of SEO services that you would be looking for. These services include link removal, reputation building, auditing, re-targeting, content marketing, PPC management etc.

Further, you need to shortlist one or more SEO services company names on the basis of your service requirements and the output you need from an agency.

Shortlisting the SEO Services Company:

Once you have decided the scope of work that you want to outsource from the SEO services company, identify the potential service providers who can provide effective SEO services.

After outlining some potential SEO services providers, run a check on the visibility of the SEO services company’s own website in the most used browsers. This will give an idea about the quality of their services. Additionally, perform an analysis on the clients the SEO services company has catered services to.

Also, you can ask the agencies to share their experiences, the problem they have faced in finding solutions related to the client requirements. Indeed, it will provide you with the help to choose the best service agent in a better possible way.

Ethical Compliance of the SEO Service Provider:

You need to perform a check on the past records of an SEO service provider and should also warn it about any violation of the web browser’s compliance policies. Any nonconformity with the browser’s policies might harm your company’s image as well as the future online business opportunities.

Appraisal and Payment Terms:

The firm should regularly track the services of an SEO company through various analytics methods and solutions available like Google Analytics. Compensation terms should also be optimised for the firm to make it profitable and viable both the ways. The payment must align with the projects accomplished by the agent.

In Summary:

When Choosing an SEO services company for your online website’s development, consider aforementioned aspects for the better results. Making hurry while choosing the agency may lead you to a wrong one. Thus, it becomes necessary to conduct a research and examine the aspects related to an SEO services company.

Increase Your Brand’s Popularity Using These Brand Building Strategies

The process of building a brand can sometimes sound daunting. But implementing some well-defined brand building strategies can make this process a lot easier.Brand Building Strategies

To define more clearly, having a brand building strategy means having a long-term plan for the development of a brand in order to achieve specific goals. If you don’t adapt to brand building strategies and think, you still can make your brand seen to the masses then you are heading the wrong way.

Brand building is now one of the imperative practices of digital marketing which helps businesses to define their products, brand, goals, and more. It reaches out your business to larger audiences along with creating a strong authority for your brand. Thus, it is vital to understand that new and small business need to align themselves with some effective brand building strategies if they want to grow in this digital space.

So, to help out such businesses from this situation and to create a strong brand, we have outlined some of the profound brand building strategies. Let’s have a look at some and see if you agree with us.

Profound Brand Building Strategies:
1) Blogging

It’s an easy and cemented way to intialize the process of brand building is to do Blogging. There come so many benefits with blogging; increased traffic, successful content marketing, and credibility/ authority building. However, the biggest benefit of effective blogging is that it eventually results in increasing a brand’s popularity.

In fact, via Blogging, you can educate your users about your new product launch, about your brand’s goals and objectives, engagement with your consumers through blogging and what’s not. Even many new businesses have created a safe place for the in the digital world just by Blogging.

2) Availability

Following your audience wherever it goes is one of the most interesting things you can do for your brand. Reminiscing and presenting your brand or product where your audience is, and doing it more often make users to do business with you. If your audience keeps seeing you at different places, different timings, they develop a thought of being in touch with your brand.

Use various channels available in online space. Follow your audience. Additionally, you can use some popular social media channels, almost everyone is available there.

3) Form Contests

I think this is one of the most vital and fastest ways to spread your brand among the masses.

It is simple and effective. You just need to create an engaging and interesting contest. It could be on social media platforms, you can make people participate through email marketing as well.

You can turn millions of eyeballs in a jiffy by just forming a contest.

However, it doesn’t mean forming any contest and it will go viral. Here it asks for some research while forming a contest. Find, which kind of contests work the best and prove to be effective.

4) Video Marketing 

I don’t understand, why businesses still consider Video Marketing an underrated form of digital marketing.

Businesses can instantly reach to a larger audience and tell thoroughly about themselves by using a video. However, keep in mind your audience reacts positively on well-produced videos. Likewise, they can have negative thoughts for unprofessional videos. If you think, you will have problems creating some compelling videos, take help of a Digital Marketing Agency who offers excellent video marketing services.

5) Develop Brand Evangelists

You may not know that most of us are brand evangelists for one brand or more.

Brand Evangelists refers to the people who hear about your product or brand, love it and then share it with their friends and social & professional groups. Additionally, they are the people of your target audience whom you have had an impact by providing them with excellent content or services.

They later become people who spread word-of-mouth for your brand or services.

Thus, it becomes important to have a number of brand evangelist which will, in return, promote your brand. And that’s why it counts as one of the result-driven brand building strategies.

Wrapping Up:

Aforementioned are some of the most result-driven and working brand building strategies.

These are profound and tested strategies that, in the recent past, have helped many businesses to become well-known brands. It is said that even if you are a small or new business and use these tactics effectively, you can build an effective and influencing brand.

Let us know if you have some other working brand building strategies. Do let us know if you have any suggestion regarding Brand Building as well. We will be glad to hear from you.

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