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Proven Tips To Maximize Social Media Content Shares

Have you ever decided to ditch a post on social media altogether because you simply didn’t like the way it looked? Or couldn’t find the right image to represent your post accurately? You also want to increase social media content shares, but also want to do it quickly, easily and without too much fuss. But it is important to understand that creating relevant and engaging content and posting regularly on social media is the basis to increase social media content shares.

Tips to boost social media content shares


Here are a few tips to maximize social media content shares
Incorporate social media sharing buttons on your website:

Social sharing buttons on websites are a great tool to increase social traffic and the outreach of your social posts when utilized to their fullest potential. Social sharing buttons provide the visitors on your site with a simple one-click method to share content from your website, directly to their social platforms.

Incorporating social media sharing buttons on your website is made especially easy for those that run a self-hosted website through WordPress. There are many plugins that you can utilize to run social media sharing buttons, however, each requires a little time and experimentation to find the one that has the functionality that you require.

Create a great and relevant title for each article:

There are many reasons as to why a title is important to the success of your overall article, however, one of the most significant of them is social media optimization. There are many social media tools, such as HootSuite, that will automatically pull the title of an article, together with the link, whenever a page of a website has been shared.

The key to write a great title does not always mean spending hours trying to find the perfect headliner. Rather, ensure that the title accurately reflects the content of the article. Also, be sure to not choose a title that is too vague or generic – you still want your content to stand out from the crowd.

Optimize your images for various social media platforms:

Even though you may have the perfect image that has the right dimensions and looks terrific when you see it on your desktop. Though, it can change dramatically when shared on social media. This is simply due to the cropping, and image dimensions that are preferred on each of these platforms, so an image that looks great on Facebook, may not look so good on Pinterest or Twitter. In order to expand the potential for sharing amongst various social media platforms, you should be sure to keep these image preferences in mind.

We have created a guide of the dimensions that work best for the images that are shared on the major social platforms:
  • Facebook: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512 pixels
  • Pinterest: 735 x 1102 pixels
  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080 pixels
Establish Twitter Cards:

If you are a frequent user of Twitter, then you may have noticed that some tweets have a ‘view summary’ option.
This is an example of a Twitter card which is an extremely useful tool that is used to include an image into a post, along with a brief description without using the entirety of the short 280 character limit that is available per tweet.

Utilize Pinterest article pins:

Pinterest has the features of supporting a range of rich pin types, including article pins. These pins allow users to receive more information about the content when it is shared.
If you have configured your website to be able to support article pins, a short description of the article, along with the title, image, and the contents, will be presented in the default display. This allows the post to be more accessible to the users on social platforms. As you are able to pinpoint and specify the text that is included, you have the freedom to optimize the description of the post to ensure that it is easier to be found through the internal search of the social platform.

Include links to your own social media profiles:

Many users of social media platforms cite their sources through @ mentions. In order to make it easy for your audience that shares your content, to cite your website or other social platforms by ensuring that your profiles are visible and easy to find, display your links to your website in many places, including the header, footer, and sidebar of every page.
This also has the added bonus of helping to increase your followers, especially if a social media influencer or company that has a large audience base shares your content or mentions your profile in a post.

Make memorable statements that stand out:

If your article has an interesting or memorable quote, be sure to make it stand out on your page. You can achieve this by highlighting the text or by using the text as a call-out so that any users or traffic that are coming on your website can easily copy and paste the text into a post on social media. This streamlines the process for the audience. The aim of your content is always to try to make the information as easily accessible and shareable to gain traction.

Suggest a hashtag, or create your own:

Most content online has a short lifespan, especially on Twitter where updates are constant and it can be easy to be drowned out on a feed. This is why it is important do everything to ensure that your post receives as much visibility as possible, and one way to do this is to suggest a hashtag for your audience to use.
Not only does this help to expand social media content shares, but those that share the content will appreciate the effort that has gone into the post. Using hashtags is also an ideal way for you, and your audience, to streamline a search to find posts about your brand or a particular topic.

Make it easy to re-share your content:

It is ideal when someone shares your content on their social media platforms, but it can be made even better when others re-share it.
When you are constructing your post or message on a social platform, keep in mind that each will have its own methods for re-sharing. For example, for a post to be re-tweeted (RT) on Twitter, it takes up extra characters on the post. In order to account for this, you may not want to use the entire character limit so users can freely re-share your posts.
Also, make it even easier for your audience to re-share your content by utilizing cross-promotion strategies.


When it comes increasing social media content shares, it is important to post consistently and post content that your audience will find relevant and useful. Don’t forget to monitor your content and the type of content that you post to see which get the most shares across all social media platforms. This is the best way to refine your content strategy, and ultimately boost social media content shares.


A Definite Guide To Prioritizing Your SEO Tasks

Being a digital marketer, often, I have seen people overwhelming how to prioritize and undertake their SEO Tasks. It’s hard to immediately figure out the most probable reason for a decline in the organic traffic. It’s even more difficult to deal with a large number of crawl errors occurred at an instant. Moreover, it might be painful to see your top ranked keywords going down in Google SERPs. It’s not possible to be posted with all the online updates that rolls out almost every day or two.

As our minds follow hundreds of directions, it’s often hard to dig, plan, align and measure the success of our SEO Tasks. The most difficult question to answer is “How do I start”?

Start setting specific SEO tasks:

What is your end objective? You may set multiple goals on both macro and micro level using Google Analytics, however, establishing a primary end goal might be censorious.

The best way to set up an end goal is to have a thorough understanding of your client’s business and discussions among your team members. This is one of the most strategic efforts in an appropriate direction and it also shows that you care. Follow these rules:

  • Measurable- It might sound obvious, but it’s crucial to be on track and set benchmarks.
  • Be specific- Hold on to your conversion needs and don’t follow Jargons. Be specific with your goals.
  • Share your goals- Sharing your goal ideas often helps in making appropriate decision and achieving those goals.

Figure out most likely pages for conversions

  • There are several ways of doing this in Google Analytics. Behavior Flow helps you visualize common page paths to consider, however, it doesn’t show actual conversion paths pretty well.
  • Moreover, clicking on the page destination goals can give you a better idea of how people come and exit.
  • Reverse Goal Paths can help you discover which page funnels are advantageous for conversions.

Perform a site crawling to get rid of any technical glitches

While a number of site audition operations can be performed manually, however, to crawl your site, you might need some tools. Deep Crawl and Moz Pro are some of the top rate crawling tools that can be used for websites with enormous backlink numbers.

Yield consistent benchmarks and reports

Practice a custom SEO reporting technique which is aligned with your client’s KPIs to manage every stage of your campaign.  

While traffic, engagement, conversions, search visibility etc. are primarily tracked matrices, consider analysing other matrices. Do note that reporting is purely about communicating and understanding users. Some of the clients might prefer a quick paragraph report to be presented and that’s all they need. It’s you who need to go through all the ifs and buts.

What Are Social Signals And How Do They Affect SEO?

Ranking on the top of Google SERP has been a prime need for most of the online businesses around the world. SEO approaches such as on-page optimization, linking through sites, site submissions are some of the usual techniques that are widely incorporated. However, one of the key factors that Digital Marketers are concerned about is Social Signals to rank web pages.

In 2010, Google came up with a statement that ‘Social Signals’ are crucial ranking factors. However, in 2014, they admitted that Social Signals are no more the part of their ranking Algorithms.

As a matter of fact, Social Media Channels are primary assets for digital marketers and they use them to drive enormous traffic to the websites. For some websites, it is the primary source of engagement that adds to as large as 95% of overall visitors through Facebook, Twitter etc.

So, what are Social Signals and how do they affect SEO?

Social signals are the likes, dislikes, shares, or views by the users on Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn GPlus etc. that are monitored by the search engines to determine the value of content on the web.

Social signals indicate how your brand is being talked about among the web users. This data is taken into consideration by search engines to rank a website/web pages.

Impact of Social Signals on SEO
Increased Traffic to the Website:

In the wake of Penguin 4.0 update, a number social sites changed all of their outbound links from do-follow to no-follow.

This came up as a major concern for SEO experts and for the webmasters. However, those no-follow links continued to drive traffic to websites. It is important to note that search engines also watch websites in terms of traffic. So, it adds to the advantage for SEO from the other parameters. If not a link, why not the traffic from any relevant source. So, getting traffic from social media channels is always helpful in SEO.

Enhanced Domain Authority:

There are no proper pieces of evidence that support social signals as a driving force in a site’s domain authority. However, some of the websites with high DA claimed that having a proper social media strategy helped them score better in terms of domain authority.

When more traffic is directed to a website from social channels, it must be perceived as a boosting factor and in this case, the DOmain Authority.

Improved Social Engagement

On one hand, social signals count to a major factor for websites ranking, but on the other, they also have a huge impact on your site in terms of off-page activities viz. Increased social engagement and brand awareness etc.

The Significance Of Integrating Traditional And Digital Marketing

Nowadays, marketing is heavily focused on its digital aspect, meaning that most campaigns, promotions, advertising are digital. More often that not, digital marketers think that digital marketing is the most effective way to expand business. They also believe that social media campaigns, email newsletters and website ads produce the best effects.

Benefits of combining traditional with digital marketing

This is true since a large chunk of population is indeed online. However, traditional marketing still has got its grasp in the marketing arena because not everyone accesses the internet all the time. In addition to this, it’s necessary to understand that some products produce great results if promoted online, while other do that when marketed online. So, the trick is to combine both the marketing channels and generate the best results. In this article, you can learn about the most effective ways to use conventional and digital marketing together.

Blending Traditional and Digital Marketing
Marketing, online and offline:

The fundamental purpose of marketing is to promote a business, product, or brand to its target audience. However, the ultimate goal of every digital marketer is to attract leads and sales through advertising campaigns. From this perspective, depending only on digital marketing or traditional marketing won’t generate favouring results. Instead, it will promote your business only to a limited portion of your online or offline audience.

For instance, Pepsi lost a lot of its budget because they decided to focus entirely on social media rather than traditional TV ads.

As a matter of fact, both the marketing channels share the same principle of attracting customers. But it may not be the best decision for your business to abandon one for the sake of other.

Online ads can efficiently promote your messages to your audience active on digital and social media networks. On the other hand, offline ads such as TV ads, can deliver promotional message to the audience that might not be available online. Thus, it becomes important for marketers to use both means, in order to bring as many customers as possible.

Online Marketing Strategies for offline sales:

In today’s marketing scenario, most of the strategies are formed online. That is because a lot people prefer social media and other online communities for instant engagement, whether it’s within their network or with a brand.

This technology didn’t invent something new, it has just digitalized the conventional marketing.

However, digital marketing has introduced a hatful of effective marketing strategies and tactics, besides being much faster and efficient in comparison to traditional marketing. But, to falsely declare that traditional marketing is dead or dying out is wrong. There are still traditional marketing strategies that can win over a large audience.

For instance, launching an online promotional campaign for a newly-opened shoe store or a new brick and-mortar business can help create awareness among users, but you can’t try clothes nor eat food online.

The problem is that there are numerous retail stores and using an online promotion won’t create much difference. In such case, you will have to resort to conventional marketing and attract customers to buy something.

This is where new and old blend and match. While you can bring customers through traditional marketing and create enough interest, you can also leverage their testimonials to further to endorse your digital marketing campaign. Not counting the word-of-mouth promotion on social media by the satisfied consumers and influencers.

Online and offline promotions:

It’s important to emphasize the fact that brand awareness helps attract attention and sale promotions gain customers. But, not everyone might be following your brand no matter how well you pitch your brand awareness. People may know about your brand, but it doesn’t mean they will engage with it, especially people who don’t spend much time online. And that’s why, focusing on social media for sales will make you miss out on some potential audience.

Thus, try to focus your sales on both traditional and digital marketing. With this strategy, you can deliver a message to your online audience, and promote discounts and coupons in brochures and magazine for the offline audience.

In Summary:

It’s important to note that both the marketing channels aren’t meant to oppose each other, but to facilitate each other. And, digital marketers who understand this aspect can manage to utilize the potentials of these methods.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs The Best SEO Services

You may have heard a million times that your business needs some of the best SEO services. And, you probably would’ve received numerous emails and calls from the companies who want to sell you their “best SEO services.” There is also a good chance that none of them have told you why do you require search engine optimization and why you should be investing dollars for being found in the organic search results.

If you Google “SEO is,” you’ll find funny autocomplete suggestions as well as over 48 million search results. So, here we have provided you with 5 concrete reasons on how your business will get benefits with the best SEO services.

4 Reasons to opt for the Best SEO Services
Because every business is online:

Because more than 90% people use search engines to get results for their queries regarding different products and services. Thus, if your enterprise isn’t available in this digital world, you are denying it from the opportunity of being found by the 3 billion internet users.

Even if you have built a website, it will be counted as the one objective achieved of your overall strategy. In fact, in order to generate business, your website needs to be found on the internet and should be completely SEO optimized. After all, it’s all about search rankings in this virtual world.

With around one billion websites available in the digital world, the competition for search ranking has just got tougher. While becoming number one is a big challenge, it’s vital to be noticed right away as 75% of the users don’t go far beyond the first page of search results. Added to this, in conjunction with other online marketing strategies such as social media or blogging, it becomes a more powerful tool in improving your search results.

SEO is affordable:

Around 75% marketers consider SEO as an excellent source to bring greater ROI. The reason is, SEO is one of the affordable tools for digital marketing. It helps businesses yield consistent and effective results.

SEO isn’t just affordable; it’s profitable and businesses can even choose SEO services and customize them according to their business needs and budget.

SEO increases traffic along with higher ROI:

Through keyword analysis, SEO can help you determine the size of your market. And the frequency of people searching for the keywords related to your business as well.

There professional SEO services, in which marketers implement behavioral reasoning and uncover the intent behind those businesses-specific keyword search results. Moreover, after successfully identifying the intent, addressing the needs, issues, and concerns preoccupying your consumers, you can easily build trust among your target audience. With the best SEO services, you can comfortably establish a reputable profile.

All this, while coupled together results in an increased rate of visitor-to-sales conversions to your website.

SEO takes advantage of weaker competition:

SEO has become increasingly popular over to an extent in the last 5 years that it will be hard to find a single enterprise that hasn’t implemented it in its promotional and marketing strategy. However, not all businesses use SEO properly. Properly designed SEO strategies can help your business harvest immense traffic from search results. For this, you may need professional SEO services to bring this approach to conception.

On the other hand, conventional marketing systems are way broader in scope. The messaging is greatly dissolved and filtered in an audience which may not even have an interest in your products.

In fact, a study conducted by Ipsos OTX revealed that 71% of a sample population of 5,000 smartphone users searched a product because they saw an ad for that product, online.

Wrapping Up:

As the world continues to take advantage of the possibilities of the internet, the value of SEO services will grow.

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What To Consider While Selecting A Search Engine Marketing Agency

Having a sound search engine marketing strategy can spell out some huge gains for your business. But you might not be able to do it alone. Then you think to take the help of a good search engine marketing agency, but where should you start?

Best Search engine marketing agency

And Just like anything else, search engine marketing agencies have their secrets. Some are quite transparent, while others keep their tactics hidden behind locked doors. Thus, it becomes necessary to conduct a thorough research and choose a prominent search engine marketing agency.

An efficient search engine marketing agency can help you improve rankings of your results. Further, it can offer you guidance in terms of content and keyword. And eventually, can set your brand for a huge digital marketing success.

We have outlined some tactics that can help you hire the best search engine marketing agency in your region.

How to Select the Best Search Engine Marketing Agency?
1) Outline your Needs

Before choosing an agency, you need to decide why do you need it. An agency can provide you with enough help, but they aren’t in your business day in and day out. They can solve your problems, but not all. They can supplement what you do to improve outcomes.

Even the best search engine marketing agencies cannot serve as expected if you don’t know your goals. Additionally, precise and clear goals help agencies create strategies to ensure business success.

2) Find a Result-oriented Agency

Good agencies always care about results. Yes, they are here to make money, but the money is worthless for them if they aren’t able to drive results for you.

You may want to work with a search engine marketing agency who has:

  • A good track record of success
  • At the forefront of what’s trending in the niche
  • Dedicated to white hat SEO tactics
    3) Some Agencies use Black-Hat SEO 

    Just stay away from such agencies. They use black-hat SEO to improve your results in SERPs. This is purely unethical for search engines like Google and Bing. In the past, search engine marketing used to have a shady reputation. That’s because of black hat tactics, such as buying spammy links and blog content, used to be the process.

    Even though search engines have made significant strides in finding and penalizing such agencies, there are still many out there who perform black hat SEO.

Don’t get attracted toward immediate results. Search engines could penalize your site after an untimely algorithm update. Or there could be a new policy that will be impossible to recover from. As a matter of fact, now Google has more than 200 factors that influence rankings.

4) Background Research

It’s hard to get the real deal on a search engine marketing agency. Their sales team can hook you in, but is everything going to be as good as they have said while signing the dotted lines?

To ensure this, performing a background research is always beneficial. Get in touch with the ex-employees and clients of a seeking SEM agency. You can ask them about company’s past work, by sending emails. Do it with more than one person and you can get vital and helpful insights.

You can definitely contact some of their clients as well. You could interview a few agencies at once, and ask what they think of each other. Oftentimes, they have different perspectives about an agency’s expertise and reputation.

5) The Pricing Factor

It could be tempting to go for a cheaper option. On the surface, it would seem like a great choice to hire a cheaper agency that promises to offer great results. In reality, a good agency rarely offers its services at cost-effective prices. Even if it’s, you may not get to sit with the executives, and may not get the desired results. Usually, best agencies out there have premium pricing. It’s almost like a “you get what you pay for” situation.

Paying $500 for SEO services and strategies may not bring you the results you desire.

Wrapping Up:

Following were some of the prime concerns and tactics that should be in the consideration while choosing the best Search Engine Marketing Agency. If you are looking for an agency to hand over your search engine marketing needs, these tactics will help you guide through.

Best Digital Marketing Solutions That Your Business Needs Right Now

If you ask about the most affordable marketing tactic, the answer will certainly be Digital Marketing. It’s the most efficient medium for both the bootstrapped or well-funded startups to accelerate business growth and promote it to their target audiences in no time. However, the success of digital marketing largely depends on how smart and innovative your digital campaign is. And for that, having the best digital marketing solutions in your hand is crucial. Otherwise, you will be losing your time and money.

When you enter into this digital marketplace with your business, it becomes necessary to utilize the investment on effective and best digital marketing solutions that can build your brand on a low budget.

In order to that and drive maximum output, let’s shed some light on some of the best digital marketing solutions that can help you form effective strategies.

Best Digital Marketing Solutions
Focus on your target audience:

The initial step of your digital marketing should be the focus on finding the right target audience and executing with some pivotal digital marketing strategies. If you’re new in the market, knowing and finding your potential customers is important; see your competitors approach and then analyze likewise to have a hold on your customers. This is one of the easiest digital marketing solutions you can use for a great start.

User Engagement:

Social media is the best place to engage with your customers. It gives you an opportunity to interact and communicate with your customer, which no other medium can do. Use social media marketing services to leverage your followers. Make them feel special as they are an important part of your brand.

Start properly:

You should know that digital marketing is not restricted to a certain or limited extent; It offers unlimited business opportunities and has unending processes and techniques. So, don’t get confused, understand your audience and your product motive before beginning with digital marketing.

How digital marketing solutions help businesses grow instantly?

We have outlined some of the most important digital marketing solutions that can easily help businesses drive conversions.  


Search engine optimization happens to be the most important and affordable way to engage huge audiences organically. SEO helps increase ranking and organic traffic to websites. It also helps build confidence and reliability between customers and businesses. While being online 24*7 for your customers is now a necessity, you can achieve this through SEO.

Social Media Marketing:

In today’s digital world, social media is the strongest channel to attract customers. This is the reason businesses are now more focused to integrate social media marketing into their marketing strategies as it can create brand value effortlessly.

Thus, understand the nature of your business and accordingly make use of its platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. If used properly, these platforms can make your business.

Search Marketing:

Search marketing is a great option when you want to increase sales. In addition to this, a well designed and managed search tool is a key to intact relevant traffic to your website. You can choose organic or PPC (Pay-per-click) with SEO to achieve better results.

Display Advertising:

Display advertising is an effective form of advertising and provides you with a platform to advertise and display your products and services. For instance, you can use Google Display Network (GDN) for contextual advertising or make ads to lure a customer’s interest.


In order to grow your business and create a brand for itself, best digital marketing solutions like SEO, SEM, content marketing, SMO, etc, become viable options. However, if you find it difficult to understand digital marketing and still want to approach it to ensure success, a proficient and expert digital marketing agency is what you need.

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Best Digital Marketing Agency | Oodles Marketing

Digital marketing cannot be regarded as a passing term, but a proven way to effectively promote businesses. With tremendous results along the way, countless businesses are adopting digital marketing services.

Businesses have got no time to manage their own digital marketing as they need to manage their day-to-day operations. In such situations, it does make sense to hire the best digital marketing agency.

Benefits of having the best digital marketing agency which can efficiently look after your digital marketing operations.
Get Marketing Expertise of an Entire Team:

One of the vital benefits of hiring digital marketing experts is that you gain access to a whole team of strategists, designers, SEO experts and content writers who hold a wide array of skills, experience and knowledge. Thus, it makes sense to hire a creative agency rather than doing it yourself or hiring a single digital marketer.

It’s Cost-Effective:

Researches conclude that businesses depending on digital marketing solutions of an expert digital marketing agency, have a lower cost per sales than those who do their own marketing or decide to focus on other marketing strategies, such as outbound marketing.

Get More Qualified Leads:

An online marketing agency doesn’t do cold calling. Instead, they focus on pursuing your target audiences in order to generate high-quality solutions that are relevant and interesting.

Access to Latest Technologies:

Firstly, make sure you have the best digital marketing agency for the successful development of your business and that really wants your results on top of SERPs. Added to this, you will get access to the latest tools, software and analytical tools. This will not only increase productivity, but you won’t have to trawl through the internet to get your own software.

Why Choose Oodles Marketing?

Oodles Marketing is becoming a familiar name in the digital marketing arena. We offer the best digital marketing solutions along with having an intense focus on increasing web traffic and ROI. We say that because we have a team of expert digital marketers who possess great knowledge of even the critical aspects of digital marketing.

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5 Cost Effective Digital Marketing Solutions For Your Business

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small entity trying to grow up or an established business, to stay ahead in the competition in this digital world, you will eventually need some of the best digital marketing solutions. Because Digital Marketing Solutions are the reason that digital marketers successfully promote your businesses and take its keywords on top in SERPs.

However, the prime concern is to choose the best among them. If you end up owing the wrong one, results might not come as expected. Thus, if you have stepped out to know some of the influential Digital Marketing Solutions, this article can provide you with the enough information.

Every year, paradigms of digital marketing change and force digital marketers to change their tactics as well. Thus, it is important to outline only the ones that really works. So, we have comprised a list of profound digital marketing solutions based on a thorough research.


There are certain solutions for which you don’t have to buy costly tools to apply. These solutions work even after the major updates in the digital marketing world.

Some of the best digital marketing solutions that can give a much-needed support to your business.   
1) Content Marketing

content is king. You cannot overlook the king while entering in this digital kingdom. When you create content for your site, brand or product, make sure that you proofread it. If you don’t have a proofreader to point out grammatical errors in your content or the quality of it, ask a friend who can do this task for you. Either, you can go back to the document and check mistakes yourself or hire content marketing services.

If your user point out such error in your content, you can lose a bunch of potential users along with your website’s credibility.

On the other hand, sharing such content on Social Media makes you look sloppy, clueless and unintelligent.

Try avoiding overuse of literary devices, because people come to your site for the information and not to see how you use metaphor, symbolism and imagery. If you are giving your content a novel look then it will likely increase bounce rate on your site.

Contrary to this, short and informative blogs are best to offer. Blogs generally are used to educate, inform and to tell short stories. Hence, content marketing services count as one of the prominent digital marketing solutions.

2) User Engagement

When you start out your small business and lack a large fan following, it can be tough to get your profile off the ground. Adapt to ‘follow and flush’ strategy here. It means, follow the accounts that follow you and unfollow back the ones who haven’t followed you back within a plausible amount of time.

Another good step is to follow the social media accounts of famous people, influencers, businesses and enterprises in your community.

You can use free tools such as Tweepi. It allows you to search for the competition within your niche on Twitter.

  • Never ignore your audience

Now your response time to your user queries and questions on Facebook has become a great factor in order to increase engagement with the users. It is important because when a user sees lesser response time on a brand’s page, he appreciates it. It means you care and are ready to respond to any query as early as it’s possible. Thus, it is important to acknowledge people who are interacting with you on social media networks.

  • Designing

Just because you need to produce eye-catching content, you don’t have to complicate it. It is recommended to keep designs simple because they are the ones that resonate with the users most.

Simple designs tend to attract more, as well as, it gives your brand a simple and appealing look. Many designers just pick one image, write it with some text and posts. This is not a good practice while you are looking to establish your business in this digital space. And neither it is recommended for established businesses.

  • Don’t just try to go all fancy

Complicated designs and fancy tricks are worthy when you work for a big client. Try fancy tactics if you are with the marketing team of Coca Cola or some other big company.

Otherwise work and excel within what you have. By the time you create a flashy graphic and use all Photoshop tricks, you can create multiple simple and informative graphics and visual content.  

People appreciate content or ads that are normal yet as effective as a costly ad or graphical content. Indeed, you need to focus on how can you serve people with rich information rather than making flashy content.

3) Targeting

Knowing your target audience is as crucial as creating content. All your practices should count Target Audience as a prime factor. Your digital marketing strategies will become more effective if you form them keeping the target audience in mind.  

Getting Audience insights is a tremendous way to figure out what your audience want from you. Further, you can determine how they react to your content as well. It is advised to explore Google Analytics to know your audience in a more enhanced way.

Many new businesses attempt the same mistake, targeting a larger audience to reach more people. If you are new in the online space, you should avoid using this tactic. Rather, focus on your specific niche first. So start filtering your target audience. This way, you can target the people who really are interested in your brand or product.

4) Conversions:

Enhanced user experience is the another aspect that can’t be overlooked. It is one thing that makes people convert after a click through your site.

If your users find hassles when coming to your site, it becomes irritating. Such as slow load time, complicated interface, confusing content and services, etc. are some of the factors that make a user move on to another site. Hence, try to make it easier for your users to navigate through your site. It can possibly result in more conversions.

  • Never Overlook a Call-to-Action

Effectively using a call-to-action option is one of the ultimate deals while looking for the best Digital Marketing Solutions. It is essential in increasing conversions.

An operative call-to-action should have a sense of exclusivity, urgency or satisfaction. You need to make a good use of these call-to-action buttons.

They are most effective when they are on point and simple. Try to include some lucrative words in your call-to-action phrases such as “free”, “guarantee”, “don’t miss out” and “last chance”. These words are beneficial when you really have something to offer. Otherwise, if you fool around your users with such a practice, you won’t be able to attract those users again with any tactic.

Over to You:

So, applying these digital marketing solutions won’t cost you a penny. Moreover, these count as the principal Digital Marketing Solutions. These tactics are important for boosting your business online. Whether you are a small or big business, implying these tips will likely result in eventual business growth.

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