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5 Simple Tweaks To Get More Youtube Video Views

Increase Youtube Views.pngYoutube has always been the one-stop destination for video junkies. From an artist to a digital marketer, Youtube attracts every segment of people to promote and make best out of its video platform. One of the delighting features that it offers is the Youtube video monetization.

This not only promotes your content over the web but provides an opportunity to earn some extra bucks if your Youtube Video gets a large number of hits.

Here, I will be sharing some of the simple tweaks followings which you will receive comparatively more views on your Youtube Video.


#1 Keyword Research for Every Youtube Video

Similar to how you research for keywords while writing an article, you also need to take out some time to research for appropriate keywords for every video you upload on your channel.

The proper keyword optimization will not only boost your organic views, but it will also uplift the channel authority and the subscribers. Remember that keywords play a major role in ranking your video in the search results. Moreover, you can make use of the best tags as per your video content.

#2 Follow Youtube Video Optimization Before and After

There are two ways you can optimize your Youtube video. Optimization is a crucial aspect of Youtube marketing strategy and you can optimize it before or after uploading the video. This step includes adding targeted keywords & phrases in the video filename.

Further, add more information about the video in the video file itself. To do so, right-click on the video file and add more details. This will ensure that your video is well-optimized from the beginning.

After uploading the video, once again you need to add the same tags and keywords under Youtube video optimization options. In this section, you can add various information viz. tags, title, description etc. in addition to the targeted keywords. This will definitely help you get your video viewed for matching searches.

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#3 Add Annotations to your Video

The annotations are basically a customized clickable text overlays within the Youtube Video which provides the information along with the video. This ensures better usability to the viewers with improved user experience. There are several types of annotations offered by Youtube. This includes

  • In-video programming annotation
  • Spotlight annotation, etc.

Annotations are useful in dragging more attention of the users towards other uploaded videos and help you to boost your video views dramatically.

#4 Add Cards to the Video

One of the effective ways to optimize your video is going behind the mobile-friendly annotations and cards. The annotation and cards will add interactivity to your video content.

Such interactive cards look like the annotations and usually allow publishers to place external links and images. This helps in enhancing video viewing experience and more reach.

#5 Add Eye-Catching Thumbnails

The first impression is the last impression. The proverb comes true in the case of Youtube Videos. The thumbnails are the first impression for your video content that needs to be eye catching and must seek users to click on your video. Your thumbnail should able to quickly attract the users.

For the reason, you must use interesting thumbnails to get clicked on YouTube. Moreover, you may design an appropriate thumbnail that describes your video content.

Please note that those thumbnail images also appear in the Google’s search result and offer extra benefits to redirect users from the search engine to Youtube.

So, that’s all about the major checklist to go through while uploading your videos on Youtube and get most out of it. Subscribe to our blogs to get more tips on Youtube Marketing in our upcoming blogs.

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Importance Of Social Media Analytics For Digital Marketers

digital marketers, social media analytics are important pieces of information, but they’re often difficult to understand. In addition to the fact that there are dozens of them, they’re also fluid and ever-changing, which makes them difficult to track and interpret.

The fact is, though, that social media analytics are more important than virtually any other type of social information, and that keeping a close eye on them can help you grow your business and improve your ROI.

What are Social Media Analytics?

In the most general terms, social media analytics are the batches of information gathered from social media websites, like Facebook. Once gathered, these batches of information can be analyzed to make business and investment decisions. Examples of social media analytics include awareness, engagement, and mentions.

How to Measure Social Media Analytics

Social media is meant to be measured. Here are a few simple steps to help you measure your social media analytics more effectively.

1. Determine Your Goals

Again, there are dozens of different batches of social analytics you could measure, but knowing which ones you should measure will depend on your goals. Early on, decide what your goals are, be they broadcasting information or encouraging clicks. Once you’ve defined this, you can develop a plan to measure your analytics accordingly.

2. Decide on The Metrics

The goal you’re pursuing will dictate the metrics you measure. For example, if your goal is engagement, you’ll measure metrics like retweets, replies, and comments. Keep in mind that your goals may change over time and your metrics will, too.

3. Find a Tool

Social media analytics are easiest to measure with the help of a tool. There are dozens of good social media measurement tools out there, and the one you choose will depend on your needs and budget. Look for options that offer free trials, so you can test them without committing to using them, or ask people in your industry what they’ve used successfully.

4. Monitor Your Analytics

Social media analytics aren’t a “one and done” pursuit. Instead, you’ll need to monitor them into the future. Thus, it allows you to establish a baseline and make intelligent decisions rooted in good information. As you monitor your analytics into the future, keep in mind that you may need to adjust it as you go, and that this is a normal part of the process.

*Better Social Analytics Make for Smarter Marketers

If you can measure it, you can improve it. The marketers that understand how to measure and make decisions about their social media analytics are in a good position to improve their ROI and build their businesses.

Wrapping Up:

Incorporating Social Media Analytics and its related techniques and strategies in your future marketing strategies can bring some beneficial changes in terms of creating a strong social media presence, increased social media traffic and improved ROI. Even some big social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are making use of social media analytics effectively. so why can’t you?

Make a strategy and start utilizing social media analytics to uplift your business in this digital space.

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions and precious feedback in the comment box section. We always look for improvements.

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Result-Driven Social Media Branding Guide To Follow In 2017

Social Media is about 20 years old. The first known social media site was created in 1997 named as Six Degrees. It offered some basic features and allowed users to upload their profile picture and make friends on the same platform. On the other hand, the first blogging site appeared in the year 1999 and created a social media sensation that continued to shoot up even today. Following these advancements, social media sites began to explode in popularity and the need for Social Media Branding rose up.

Site like LinkedIn gained prominence during the year 2000, and image site like Flickr grew subsequently for the purpose of online photo sharing. In addition, YouTube was introduced in the year 2005, creating an out of the box video platform that helped people communicate in the video language.

Well, that’s how Social Media appeared and progressed in the past few decades.

Today, we see a variety of social networking sites, and most of them can be linked to allow cross-posting. This creates an environment where advertisers and business organizations can reach the maximum number of people to create brand awareness or product branding.

This article will walk you through several effective social media branding techniques to incorporate in the year 2017.
Social Media Branding Techniques
Pick the Right Network:

Not all the social media sites are worth advertising on. While it depends on what type of content you produce, you also need to work upon what results you are receiving. Furthermore, it is worth noting that there are numerous social media sites out there and it is worth exploring the right audience base for each one of them.

It is likely that your site gets significant traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn and might fail to perform over Google Plus and Twitter. You might get thousands of hits on Reddit while people barely click you on Pinterest.

Visual Branding is the new Secret:

Visuals now play a crucial part in the social media branding. If all of your social profiles look dissimilar, it disconnects your users from your brand. Your brand needs to be consistent across all the channels.

This will somehow hit the minds of the users and people immediately be able to recognize your brand on any site or platform.

One of the best examples of the Visual Branding and Consistency is Coca-Cola. If you look at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, you will find that all the design patterns are consistent.

Be Consistent with the Topic:

Social Media giants like Twitter and Facebook are well-known for curating content from all around the globe. Curating is one of the best ways to build an authority in your own industry and provide a usual flow of social media posts which are not self-promotional.

Some of the simplest ways to take advantage from blog posts and video content to share with your audience. However, a number of businesses fail as they blindly share without having the proper guidelines.

Pick up some interesting stories from your own industry and present it to your audience through social media channels.

Connect with Influencers:

We see that big brands like Nike and Adidas post a new image on Instagram and usually have a lot of engagement. Significantly, they’re established brands with millions of followers around the world.

But, if you’re starting out with small audience base, you won’t be getting such engagement even though your posts are worthy. A positive approach to achieve better results and boost social media branding is to build good relationships with influencers.

However, keep in mind that a large number of followers doesn’t qualify a social profile as an influencer. Make sure to go through the following parameters before approaching them.

  • Authentic
  • Engaging
  • Expertise
  • Active
  • Leadership
Post Regularly

Nothing kills a social media branding efforts more than the irregular posts. No one will remember you if you are posting once a week on Instagram or tweeting every two-three days. Hence, you’re going to be forgotten soon.

Shortened attention spans along with fast-growing social networks have made publishing an indispensable social media practice.


So, these were some of the most effective and proven Social Media Branding techniques you can incorporate in your marketing strategies. In fact, many businesses have established themselves in this digital space just by using the right Social Media Branding strategies. Do implement a robust social media strategy to keep other important aspects of social media managed that boost traffic and user engagement.

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Best SEO Services Company – Oodles Marketing


For online businesses, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is imperative. SEO is the reason your business-specific keyword comes up in Google Search Results. However, if you are clueless about SEO and want to gain popularity in the Internet world, Professional SEO services come to the rescue. Further, you need to find the best SEO Services company that can handle and uplift your SEO related objectives and goals.

Why the Best SEO Services Company?
Limited SEO knowledge:

Most firms think that they have the basic SEO knowledge and that’s enough. No, it’s not. Basics of SEO won’t take far. Because there have been some critical changes in SEO and that have affected the search ranking process. This process of SEO of ranking results in SERPs has become so vigorous that they can’t be easily comprehended by a layman. Thus, go for the best SEO company in order to be seen to the masses in the digital space.

Time Insufficiency:

This is the another reason that encourages the hiring of an eminent SEO company. SEO is not a ‘Once and for all’ process, it’s a continuous, time taking, and rigorous process. And it makes sense to hire an SEO company when you have time scarcity. Outsourcing your SEO needs can save you a lot of time and you can manage other tasks as well.

Why Choose Oodles Marketing?

We are in this niche with an objective to lead. Oodles Marketing is gradually building a strong place for itself by offering excellent Professional SEO Services, as well as, Digital Marketing Services. Other than that, we are fortunate to have a team full of proficient digital marketers who possess a great comprehension of various vital Digital Marketing services.

If you guys have any queries or suggestions related to Digital Marketing, just reach to the comment box section and drop them there. We will be glad to hear from you!

A Thorough Beginners Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

A Thorough Beginners Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization or Conversion Optimization refers to a process of figuring out why the visitors on a website do not take the desired actions and mending those reasons or issues in order to get an increased conversion rate.

For a change, you can have a list of 100 ‘profound and proven’ tactics and implement those tactics all at once. But, this may not lead you anywhere and your website would like a mess.

However, if you are aware of the right process then you can know which tactic to use and which not. Going with a planned process can help you outlining other errors and lack points as well. Thus, it’s said that Conversion Rate Optimization is a systematic, teachable and repeatable process, and it needs to be done correctly for the best results.

So, let’s move ahead to the further aspects of it and find out a process made of excellent tactics for a higher conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Don’t think your site performs perfectly on every device and browser version.

Don’t believe it, see yourself.

Go to your Google Analytics and choose Audience > Technology > Browser& OD Report.

Now move on to a specific browser version and check if a particular browser converts less than others or not. If it converts lesser then go and figure out why?

Other than browser testing, a low-speed site can be a boon for optimization.

So, find out whether your website’s load speed is good enough or not. Here’s how you do that, go to; Behaviour > Site Speed > Page Timings. Now, enable the “comparison” to easily find out slower pages on your website.

If you don’t know why are those pages loading at a slow speed, use tools like Yslow or Google PageSpeed Insights. Simply, enter all the URLs of pages that load slow and these efficient tools out the error and issues.

Gaining Insights of Website Visitors:

Here you need to perform a qualitative research over your website visitors. Generally, there are two types of visitor surveys:

  • Exit Surveys – Hit your visitors with a questionnaire pop up when they’re about to leave your site.
  • On-Page Surveys – Asking visitors to fill out a survey of a specific page that they are currently on.

Followings are what a Visitor Survey Process should entail:

  • Jot down your own questions.
  • Configure which pages need the survey.
  • Ascertain the criteria for showing the survey.

That’s all. And stop worrying about whether the surveys annoy your audience or not. Getting insights from these surveys are worth it.

Survey Existing User:

Existing user or customer surveys are a bit different than on-page surveys. However, many people mess up these customer survey.

Thus, to make this complex process easy, below are the fundamentals on how to form effective customer surveys for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

  • Send email surveys to recent, first-time buyers. Don’t send email surveys to people who haven’t visited from too long ago. They may give you the irrelevant data as they might have forgotten about you or the purchased product.
  • Try getting 100-150 responses. More than that will make the answers repetitive. And less than 100, might not provide you with substantial conclusions.
  • Never ask questions in Yes/No, as well as, avoid multiple choice, etc.
Mouse Tracking and Session Recording:

Mouse Tracking is surely one day going to create the buzz in this digital space.

Followings are the various types of mouse tracking technologies and related tools:

  • Mouse Movement Heat Maps – It’s basically a graphical representation of data. In here, individual values, contained in a matrix, are shown as colours. Red defines lots of actions.
  • Click Maps – Just as it is called, click Maps monitor clicks. It mainly comes in use to identify if users click on non-links.
  • Scroll Maps – Shows the scroll depth. Shows how far down people scroll. Can be very useful for lengthy and what’s not.

Beginners often worry about what to test, and comes up with breed listicles which offer “101 Tactics to Test”. Conversely, after doing a Conversion rate optimization and its related research, testing will never be a problem.

Wrapping Up:

Performing a Conversion Rate Optimization using aforementioned process can gain you some vital insights within your website. Such as, areas for improvement, can optimize the loose points and eventually uplift the conversion rate on your website.

Hence, it is always good to use a thorough process like above rather than using hundreds of tools and spending a lot of time on understanding them.

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How to Create a Persuasive Lead Nurturing Campaign


It is said thousands of times that digital marketing is not a project, it’s a constant process. Further, a part of the inbound marketing process is to outline where lead generation starts and how it runs through your system so that potential leads can convert to new customers or members. Lead Nurturing Campaign refers to the part of that run in your system.Lead nurturing is building relationships with your prospects at every phase of your sales funnel. Build a strong lead nurturing campaign with these tactics.

Ideally, lead nurturing campaign is an automated trail of emails or follow-ups developed to move leads down to the sales funnel until they become customers.

In case if you find difficulties understanding how a lead nurturing campaign works, here is an apt example of a winning lead nurturing campaign.

Perfect Instance of a Lead Nurturing Campaign

Following is an example of a basic ‘DRIP’ style email campaign.

Phase 1: It’s simple. A user downloads your offer from a landing page. This means you have successfully created a top of the funnel offer of free downloads for your users.

The Next step is to set up this action to drive a campaign.

Phase 2: Send automated email 2 days later with another compelling offer, such as a video series related to the offer your lead has downloaded.

Now a follow-up mail to the lead, pointing to check out your new video series related to the offer, is going to push ahead the chances of that lead to convert into a sale. Moreover, it does make sense because of the emails, downloads, etc, you sent, were related to that lead’s interest.

Phase 3: Now send automated emails after 5 days, with a moderate offer. It could be a trial offer to a monthly subscription of a service.

You still have 2-3 more emails before making the final call.

The point of is that by the end of that campaign the lead will more ready to make a purchase than when the user first visited on your website.

Now, let’s dive more into how to create a persuasive Lead Nurturing Campaign using following strategies. 

1. Segmentation and Outlining Your Audience

Generally, organizations have more than one type of audience. But most organizations only market to one type of audience.

In order to form an effective lead nurturing campaign, you need to first figure out that who needs nurturing.

After successfully determining your ideal and prospective customers, you can segment them so before starting the campaign.

2. Offer Value, not Sales Pitch

Just because someone has visited your website and shown interest in one or two things clearly doesn’t mean you do an email blast on him.

Rather, nurture such prospects effectively using sales funnel to make them ready to buy.

Pitching your products up front won’t serve you much help, instead, offer some value to the consumers. Instances for Value include ebooks, webinar, and whitepapers.

Here, you don;t need to create new content often for lead nurturing emails – create a backlog of content and make use of such assets.

3. Precise and Clear Call To Actions (CTA)

It is recommended to have only one specific call-to-action (CTA) to each lead nurturing email you send to leads. Your leads and prospects will likely take action if you can keep your email focused on one subject at a time.

So, analyze what is the primary action you want your leads and prospects to take. Do not forget to make that primary action a focal point of the CTA.

4. Automate Campaigns:

Save yourself a lot of time simply by creating a number of emails upfront and set them up to be sent automatically. For instance, scheduling them to go out on 1,3 and 6 weeks after the first interaction is a good practice.

Have some patience and try not to send more than one email per week.


Converting a lead into a sale neither easy nor tedious and vigorous, it’s a process which asks for attention to details, patience, and right content. Moreover, incorporating aforementioned strategies in your lead nurturing campaign can drive it in the right direction.

To get good results, you need to understand the process and imply a few effective strategies to enhance your campaign.

Give these lead nurturing strategies a try to build a super-effective campaign.

Do let us know your suggestions and reviews in the comment box, if you find this article helpful. It’ll be great to hear from your guys.

Developing a Robust eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy

eCommerce-Digital-Marketing-StrategyConducting a Brand Awareness Campaign means reminding your audience about your brand or product more often by using various branding practices and tips.

If you are a business going to be online or even if not, to establish and drive your business, you may need certain brand awareness strategies.

Try to make your product a proprietary eponymous, such as Coca-Cola. Mostly, people ask for a ‘Coke’ when they mean for a drink in a restaurant or any other place. This is an apt example of Brand Awareness.

However, not everyone can do that. Not every product or brand can become a proprietary eponym. But you can do a lot more to boost awareness of your brand.

As a matter of fact, there is no shortcut of becoming a household name instantly. Thus, we have outlined some profound and result-driving tips to whip up your Brand Awareness Campaign. Incorporate them into your Brand Awareness Campaign, and experience the results yourself.

Best Techniques to Drive Your Brand Awareness Campaign at a Lightning Speed
Car Enveloping:

Neither it’s a conventional advertising strategy nor it’s a modern advertising technique. It just a unique and effective strategy.

Car Envelope refers to using customized designs that cover your entire car, except windows and advertise your products or brand.

Driving a car wrapped up with beautiful designs or even if it advertises your product or brand, attracts a lot of attention. Additionally, it’s an exciting way to make sure that wherever you go, people become familiar with your brand.

Social Media Strategy:

There are now numerous social media networks, and trying to be always active on all of them is a fool’s errand. Rather, one should focus on social networks that resonate with its business.

For instance, photo-heavy sites should focus on networks like Instagram or Pinterest. Businesses in creative areas can perform well on Instagram, whereas B2B company should use Twitter.

It means, narrowing down your focus on channels where your audience hangs. However, if you aren’t aware of your core network, en route Analytics and analyze which network is sending higher referral traffic.

PPC Campaign:

PPC is a prompt solution for getting your brand ‘Seen’ to the masses.

With targeted keyword research, your results will show up at the top of Google. Added to this, even if the users don’t click on your PPC ad, they will remind that your brand’s results are coming on the top of SERPs. This is a sure-shot way to make an impression along with building a brand.


After PPC, comes Remarketing. They both are quite similar when it comes to making an impression on the users.

Remarketing refers to showing ads to users who have visited your website. Later, those users who had a visit on your site, see relevant ads of your brand or products on different sites and pages. Eventually, this turns a lead into a sale. Thus, it’s a great way to whip up your conversion rate.


Generally, users spread the word about your brand or product when they get added benefits and perks along with your service.

Dropbox is an excellent example of how innovative referral programs can take businesses on top.

Read how Dropbox upsurged its business using referral programs.

Guest Blogging:

Still, it’s one of the most powerful ways to reach to a new and large audience. To make the best out of it, you need to deliver valuable, engaging, informative and gorgeous looking content so that people can share it ahead.

When doing guest posting, you cannot make good results using the run-of-the-mill content. You need to guest blog some really high-quality stuff.

Create memorable and valuable content and you’ll be reaching to a whole new audience along with making a lasting impression.


It’s another effective way to display interesting marketing statistics and data to influence your audience.

They take less space, contain more information and often get shared far & wide. This all makes Infographics a powerful tool for thought leadership and branding. Thus, it’s advised to incorporate Infographics in your Brand Awareness Campaign and share valuable information to your audience.

Wrapping Up

There are several other Brand Awareness Campaign strategies available on the internet. But to start with aforementioned strategies involves less hassle, greater results, increased ROI and much more. If you are a newbie in your market niche, you may want to start your Brand Awareness Campaign using above tactics.

Share your experience with us and let us know if you also have some excellent strategies, tips or techniques related to brand awareness. we are eager to hear from you guys!

Increase Your Brand’s Popularity Using These Brand Building Strategies

The process of building a brand can sometimes sound daunting. But implementing some well-defined brand building strategies can make this process a lot easier.Brand-Building-Strategies

To define more clearly, having a brand building strategy means having a long-term plan for the development of a brand in order to achieve specific goals. If you don’t adapt to brand building strategies and think, you still can make your brand seen to the masses then you are heading the wrong way.

Brand building is now one of the imperative practices of digital marketing which helps businesses to define their products, brand, goals, and more. It reaches out your business to larger audiences along with creating a strong authority for your brand. Thus, it is vital to understand that new and small business need to align themselves with some effective brand building strategies if they want to grow in this digital space.

So, to help out such businesses from this situation and to create a strong brand, we have outlined some of the profound brand building strategies. Let’s have a look at some and see if you agree with us.

Profound Brand Building Strategies:
1) Blogging

It’s an easy and cemented way to intialize the process of brand building is to do Blogging. There come so many benefits with blogging; increased traffic, successful content marketing, and credibility/ authority building. However, the biggest benefit of effective blogging is that it eventually results in increasing a brand’s popularity.

In fact, via Blogging, you can educate your users about your new product launch, about your brand’s goals and objectives, engagement with your consumers through blogging and what’s not. Even many new businesses have created a safe place for the in the digital world just by Blogging.

2) Availability

Following your audience wherever it goes is one of the most interesting things you can do for your brand. Reminiscing and presenting your brand or product where your audience is, and doing it more often make users to do business with you. If your audience keeps seeing you at different places, different timings, they develop a thought of being in touch with your brand.

Use various channels available in online space. Follow your audience. Additionally, you can use some popular social media channels, almost everyone is available there.

3) Form Contests

I think this is one of the most vital and fastest ways to spread your brand among the masses.

It is simple and effective. You just need to create an engaging and interesting contest. It could be on social media platforms, you can make people participate through email marketing as well.

You can turn millions of eyeballs in a jiffy by just forming a contest.

However, it doesn’t mean forming any contest and it will go viral. Here it asks for some research while forming a contest. Find, which kind of contests work the best and prove to be effective.

4) Video Marketing

I don’t understand, why businesses still consider Video Marketing an underrated form of digital marketing.

Businesses can instantly reach to a larger audience and tell thoroughly about themselves by using a video. However, keep in mind your audience reacts positively on well-produced videos. Likewise, they can have negative thoughts for unprofessional videos. If you think, you will have problems creating some compelling videos, take help of a Digital Marketing Agency who offers excellent video marketing services.

5) Develop Brand Evangelists

You may not know that most of us are brand evangelists for one brand or more.

Brand Evangelists refers to the people who hear about your product or brand, love it and then share it with their friends and social & professional groups. Additionally, they are the people of your target audience whom you have had an impact by providing them with excellent content or services.

They later become people who spread word-of-mouth for your brand or services.

Thus, it becomes important to have a number of brand evangelist which will, in return, promote your brand. And that’s why it counts as one of the result-driven brand building strategies.

Wrapping Up:

Aforementioned are some of the most result-driven and working brand building strategies.

These are profound and tested strategies that, in the recent past, have helped many businesses to become well-known brands. It is said that even if you are a small or new business and use these tactics effectively, you can build an effective and influencing brand.

Let us know if you have some other working brand building strategies. Do let us know if you have any suggestion regarding Brand Building as well. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Building An Effective Image Optimization Strategy For Search Engines

If you are an online business and hasn’t understood the importance of images in this digital space, perhaps you are way far away from prime concerns. Having SEO optimized images in your blogs, social media posts, website content, etc, has now become imperative. Creative and interactive images are now one of the vital aspects of driving traffic to your site along with enhancing user engagement. And if you have just started using images, you may not be aware of its best practices. Image Optimization is necessary to extract images potential value out for SEO. Thus, today we are presenting you some of the top class tactics that will help you in creating a result-driven Image Optimization Strategy.

Creating an Effective Image Optimization Strategy For SEO and Search Engines  
Start Adding Images in Your Website’s Content:

Almost everyone knows that images say more than plain texts. Adding images in your website’s content can bring you a sorted understanding of your users. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand word,” is completely understandable. Thus, provide your users with infographic content, images and video content.

Additionally, adding images in your content is the first step of SEO image optimization. It is recommended that you should incorporate images in your every piece of content, whether it’s a blog post, social media post or anything else. Do not forget to include interactive and informative images.

Visual Content should be Relevant:

If you acquire an in-house designing team, you may not face much trouble in finding great images for your content. Generally, designing teams know their work. However, keep your content marketing and content creation team in touch with your designing team to maintain relevancy and originality.

Same applies for ‘About Us’ page as well. Make sure you don’t use bought or rented pictures. Rather, it’s recommended to always use real photos for ‘About Us’ Pages.

When talking about relevancy, insert pictures that are relevant. Moreover, they should say something related to the subject of your content to express your ideas. If you don’t own a proficient designing team, there are a lot of pictures available on numerous site you can use to create images. Sites like Flickr, Pixabay, Shutterstock, Pexels, Canva, Google Images, etc, offer you millions of pictures. Take help of these sites to create unique and relevant images. Do not forget to use option ‘labelled for reuse,’ while using Google images, otherwise you can get into copyrights trouble.

After creating compelling images for your content, the next step is to optimize images for SEO purpose while inserting them in content.

Give Proper Names to Your Image Files:

The first step in order to optimize your image files for SEO is to give each a right name. This could be referred as one of the best places to place keywords. This is to be done to enable Google to identify the subject even before it starts analyzing the image itself.

Customize a Picture’s Dimension and Resolution:

A website or web page’s loading speed now counts as one of the vital and impacting SEO factors. The faster your page speed, the more your web pages or website will be seen and indexed by search engines.

Likewise, images with high resolution and big dimension put a huge impact on a page’s loading speed. If you have aforementioned image type, big dimension and high resolution, your page or website position will likely decrease. Thus, it’s significant that you keep an appropriate dimension and resolution for each image.

Minimum Recommended size on the internet is 200 x 200px, remember it’s minimum. You can change sizes of your images according to your requirements.

When talking about an image resolution, even if it’s not big in dimension, it can be big in size which eventually could affect your site speed. For this, you can use online tools to compress image sizes accordingly.

Utilize Image Sitemaps:

Every digital marketer knows the importance of sitemaps. This is the first thing to do while creating a blog, to build a sitemap and submitting it to the Webmasters tools account of major search engines. It’s done to notify search engines that there some newly created pages that need to crawled and indexed. By submitting a sitemap of a newly created page, you make sure that search engine spiders efficiently crawl each page of your site and index pages.

Likewise, you can create image sitemaps as well and increase chances of indexing them in search engines.

It’s extremely easy to create image sitemaps as you can use Udinra All Image Sitemap plugin. By using this plugin you can easily create sitemaps for your blog images and submit them in your Webmasters Tools Account. That’s it, now search engines spiders can effectively crawl and index your images.

Let’s see some other important tips to create an Image Optimization Strategy

Use Alt Texts– It is another best place to insert your keywords. While creating images, don’t forget to put Alt Texts that outlines Focus Keywords. It always better to have a focus keyword in place of an Alt Text.

Hyperlinks in Images–  Use hyperlinks only when there is a requirement. Otherwise, they can distract your user from the article. Because if the user accidentally clicks on the image, he’ll be landing on another page and he may lose interest in the reading article.

Best Image Format-

  • JPEG format- It’s the most popular format, its best use is for digital photography.
  • PNG format- Offers amazing compression. Even after editing an image multiple times and compressing it, it doesn’t lose any data or decrease quality.
  • Gif Format- It’s widely popular because it supports small size images.
Wrapping Up:

After incorporating this Image Optimization Strategy in Your Marketing Strategy You can experience yourself a steep rise in the web traffic, increased user engagement, increased visibility and indeed, an enhanced website.

If you also have some unknown, important tactics to create a winning Image Optimization Strategy, do share with us, as well as, among your groups.

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